the perfect camel knit sweater

The Forever Camel Knit Hunt

20 January

Speaking of an everyday uniform and pieces I continue to wear over and over again–the camel knit is one of those items…

rex moss lund - 2 months

2 Months: What We’re Into

19 January

Rex is 2 months old today!  I didn’t think I’d be sharing monthly updates but here I am–totally obsessed–so read…

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my recipe for an everyday uniform

My Recipe for the Everyday Uniform

18 January

The older I get the less trends excite me and the more I gravitate towards an everyday uniform.  We’re not talking Steve…

where to eat drink – sacramento city guide

Sacramento City Guide: Where to Eat + Drink

13 January

This past November marked three years that we’ve been living in Sacramento which at times is still hard to believe, but it’s…

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

New Year, New (Slower) Routine

10 January

A new year has meant a new, much slower, routine and… it’s been surprisingly refreshing.  Last week as everyone kicked 2017 into high…

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