Rex’s Nursery Reading Nook

22 June

Whenever I return from a trip I find myself wanting to pour more love back into our home.  Maybe it’s…

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Summer Solstice | 5 Ways to Celebrate the Longest Day of the Year

21 June

Happy summer solstice!…  5 ways to celebrate the longest day of the year and those sunshine-filled, carefree days ahead… 1. toss…

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New York Nostalgia | A Quickie Trip

20 June

Two days and a morning Cafe Gitane breakfast before heading to the airport in New York just isn’t enough… but…

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What to share and not to share online?

19 June

We flew home from a couple of days in New York on Saturday night and I have yet to go…

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  • White and Wood Farmhouse Dining Room

  • modern shaker exterior with tonal wood architecture | coco kelley

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  • Rex's Nursery Reading Nook... #babyboyroomdecor #babyboynursery #nurseryideas #kidsbooks

  • Rex's Nursery Reading Nook... #babyboyroomdecor #babyboynursery #nurseryideas #kidsbooks