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20 April



Morning Workout or Evening Workout?  Morning, 100%!  I can never pull it together to workout any other time of day.

Tea or Coffee?  Both. But coffee first thing in the morning, always! Tea is my afternoon / cold day treat.

Facebook or Instagram?  Instagram.  Haven’t checked my personal Facebook feed in years.  I post to CITNB though!

Night In or Night Out?  Night Out.

Mountains or Ocean?  Mountains.

Pizza or Tacos?  Tacos.

Reading or Writing?  Reading.

Cook at Home or Takeout?  Cook at Home.  But love our takeout Sunday evening routine–typically Thai.

Fiction or Non Fiction?  Non Fiction.

Museum or Concert?  Concert.

The Look |  IRO Jacket.  Doen Blouse (similar).  Levis Skirt (love! + under $100).

Photography | Dani Weast (edited by me)

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