Reflecting on 2017 and a new 2018 chapter.

4 January

The holidays were sure good to us–I hope you too!  A chance to recharge and soak up time with the family.  We kicked things off with a couple of days spent in Carmel, then home to our parent’s in Chico, and New Years in Tahoe.  Now back home… which is always nice too!  I’m actually nanny-less this week so I’m still slightly on holiday mode–whether I want to be or not.  But easing back into things and moving slowly with Rex is sure nice.  Currently on a cleaning and healthy cooking kick as cliché as the new year goes.  Sharing a few leftover snaps from around the house over the past couple of weeks.  ~  Experimenting with cashew milk matcha tea lattes (a friend told me Gwyneth Paltrow makes these daily so then you know that got me on a kick).  I lived in this blazer during the month of December.  Rex in his pjs all-day everyday.  Finding a couple of quiet (sans-baby) afternoons to cook and listen to Mandolin Orange on repeat.  Spending a gloomy afternoon in the kitchen has been my favorite way to find “me” time lately.


I’m not one to jump on new resolutions, but I do love a fresh start.  A chance to reset.  To reflect on the joys and pains of the past year.  To realize everything you accomplished, went through, overcame, the struggles, loved ones lost… the highs and the lows that make you, you.  A chance to re-evaluate and make changes should you want to.

2017 was one of the best and equally hardest years for me personally.  The best of course being Rex who brought me so much love and laughter but also brought on some of my biggest challenges.  (Technically he was born in 2016 but this was my first true full-year of motherhood.)  Motherhood is no joke and I feel like we’re in the thick of it right now since he’s constantly on the move and still requires my complete attention.  Multitasking / any kind of balancing act is a daily struggle.  There are days when I’m feeling on top of the world and other days when I just can’t do anything right.  There were weekly thoughts of throwing in the [CITNB] towel in 2017.  A) Because I honestly just really love being Rex’s mom and disconnecting from the online world,  and B) I think it’s a mix of putting too much pressure on myself and not having enough help.  So my goals for the new year all revolve around finding a better system so I can continue doing the projects and things I love but making life a bit more manageable.  Also getting back to why I started blogging in the very beginning (going on some 9 years I think?!).  Trying new things!  And finding fresh inspiration… speaking of, I already have a few exciting work-things (and trips!) happening in the next couple of weeks that I can’t wait to share… so stay tuned.  And as always, I’d love to hear what you’d like to read and see more of here in the new year.  Happy 2018.  Cheers to a fresh new chapter.

The Look  |  & Other Stories Blazer.  Sezane Sweater (cute worn with the bow in both front + back).  AMO Jeans.  Dolce Vita Mules.

The ideal oversized, borrowed from your guy blazer… worn here with a sweater from Sézane.  Sadly sold out in most sizes but still available in this pretty yellow color.  I love that it looks just as good worn tied with the bow in the front and back.

It’s always sad to take the tree down but then doesn’t it feel so good to have a clean and clutter-free house again?  (Well our house is never that clean now with Rex… )

Matcha Tea + Cashew Milk Latte.












  • Tara

    I can relate to this so much, Alicia. My son is almost one, but he’s been crawling like a madman since he was six months old. I’m home with him full-time, and don’t have any childcare yet. I’ve been wanting to start a blog and get organized at home and just start doing things for myself, and I’ve been frustrated feeling like I barely have the time and energy to keep up with basic cleaning, much less the bigger things. But I’ve realized that I just. Need. Help. Jack needs constant monitoring and entertainment when he’s awake, so I really can barely do anything productive other than switch the laundry or load a couple of dishes into the dishwasher (although he ends up just crawling into the dishwasher so I have to be fast, haha!). I think this is a tough stage, where they are super-active and yet can’t entertain themselves or be left unattended. I’m waving the white flag and accepting that in this stage, I just need some help! Or I will lose it! Haha! …But obviously motherhood is the best thing ever and it’s so hard to be away from them. Sigh! 🙂

    • @disqus_aSDViB0V9r:disqus aww totally, I think we’re in the thick of it but it will get easier… I hope? Or just come with new challenges ha! So much energy those little boys!!

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying CITNB! Don’t worry I won’t be shutting it down anytime soon. Just needed some time over the holidays to recharge!

      Very cool you may move to Sac?! xx

  • Tara

    PS please don’t shut down CITNB!! I only discovered you in the past year, and I’ve loved following along! Post at your pace, and slow down if needed, but you have an amazing thing going here. Also, my husband and I are considering moving to Sacramento one day, and I need your continued tips!!

  • Magda

    I’m so glad I found your blog a few months ago. I come regularly to steal outfit ideas and for decorating tips (orange slices on a garland!) You have a great personal style and you gravitate to the same designers (Ulla, Marant, Jenni Kayne) that I do. Even though I live miles away in cold Chicago, you are my style spirit animal. 🙂 I NEED you to keep doing this, please. I love your effortless look and the way you pair things, it’s a gift.

    • @disqus_irljGwlQGu:disqus AW thank you so much for this sweet note (and sorry for my delayed response). Meant so much to me! SO happy to hear you’re enjoying and that we love some of the same designers…

      Thank you thank you! Love that I’m your style spirit animal. xx

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