5 ways to find more time for yourself

5 Ways to Find More “Me” Time

13 April

I’ve been focusing more on myself lately.  Not in a selfish way but in a happy mama, happy baby… happy life way.  My lack of sleep and on-edge irretability (sadly only towards my husband) that I chalk up to Rex’s possible 4 month growth spurt was starting to get me down so I’ve been finding little ways to cure that.  Sleep isn’t totally the culprit–it also comes down to carving out more “me” time.  Which I think everyone can relate to.  It’s amazing the mood a long hot shower can put you in.  Or an extra large pour of Scribe Pino Noir after Rex has gone to sleep.  Additional ways I’ve been adding more “me” time into my world this month…

1. A wellness book (Goop Clean Beauty) that has inspired me to eat cleaner.  Diet and fitness have always played a huge role in how I feel.  I notice a difference in my energy, mood and skin.  Since I’m breastfeeding I’m snacking even more and my two favorites (Gwen approved!) are half an avocado and baby sweet potatoes.  I like to put a spoonful of coconut oil on my sweet potatoes (omg, yum! satisfies my sweet and carb cravings).

2. Buying myself flowers.  I hadn’t bought myself flowers in awhile and then in this past week or two I’ve been scooping them up on every trip to the grocery store.  A mix of spring fever and the fact that the wild lavender blooms have been just so gosh darn gorgeous I’m sure!  Who cares, it’s making me happy and making up for the fact that our kitchen only looks as clean as it appears in these photos about once every other week.

3. Actually scheduling “me” time on my calendar.  I now have to make sure I pencil in a mani/pedi at the end of a long week and give my guy plenty of advanced notice so I can try a new Mexican spot in town (btw,  Midtown’s new Cantina Alley is totally fun for drinks–feels like you’ve legit stepped into Mexico).

4. Another tip I stole from Gwen–quit multi-tasking.  I recently heard her speak and when asked about how she balances family life and her business she said she tries not to multi-task.  When she’s at work she’s focused on work and when she’s with her kids she gives them her undivided attention.  Wow no multi-tasking–really?  Well it works my friends!  Rolling that back into my life, I have been getting much more help with Rex which has given me more time to focus on my projects, and when I’m with Rex I try to be in the moment.

5.  Podcasts.  During my pregnancy I listened to podcasts on my daily walks all the time.  When my girlfriend Eden recommended I listen to S-Town (from Serial and This American Life)–which I just finished before typing this post by the way–at first I thought, I can barely find time to read the newspaper these days, when can I carve out time to listen to a Podcast?  And then I found time.  While running errands, getting a manicure, and after Rex falls asleep during our afternoon walks.  Ah how I’ve missed you!  There’s something about listening to a Podcast as opposed to music because I really have to pay attention so there’s no mind wandering and instead I find that I can really relax.  Another favorite of mine is Garance Doré’s Podcast.  Do you have any favorites?

5 ways to find more "me" time5 ways to find more "me" time    5 ways to find more "me" time   5 ways to find more "me" time5 ways to find more "me" time5 ways to find more "me" time 5 ways to find more "me" time 5 ways to find more "me" time  5 ways to find more "me" time5 ways to find more "me" time 5 ways to find more "me" time

The Look  |  Q Basics Tee.  Re/Done Jeans.  Vince Slides (so, so comfortable that I got them in tan too).

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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