6 Ways To Add More Spontaneity Into Your Week

7 December

Even though there are so many holiday parties and events this time of year, with the cooler temps I can easily slip into hibernation mode.  It’s easy to get stuck in our neighborhood bubble so on Monday morning when I had a package to drop off at FedEx I chose to drive across town to the farthest location and explore a bit.  Even though we’ve lived in Sacramento for three something years there are parts of the city I have yet to check out.  It just felt good to get out of the usual weekday routine and pop into a new (old, but outside our usual routine) coffee spot.  As someone who thrives on new experiences adding more spontaneity into the week is so good for the spirit.

A few other ways I’ve added sponantienty into my week lately…

1. Wear red lipstick and start your morning off sipping coffee at a new spot.  | Nars Red Square is perfect for this.  Also slip on a badass leather jacket to make yourself feel extra cool, ha.  (This one from IRO is the ultimate!  So buttery soft and the studs just make it that much cooler).

2.  Watch an afternoon documentary… and don’t feel guilty about it.  |  Rex is teething and has only wanted to be held since Tuesday which is making getting anything done near impossible.  Usually my mind is racing with everything I have to do, but this week I’ve just been trying to soaked up those sick baby cuddles.  Because he never cuddles with me anymore!  When he fell asleep in my arms on Tuesday afternoon I took this opportunity to watch the Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold documentary on Netflix.  Something I haven’t done in I can’t even remember how long.  An afternoon movie, how luxurious!!  Whenever Rex is sleeping I usually feel the need to get things done and rarely take time for myself so this was just such a treat.

3.  Make a new friend.  | Easier said than done.  Making friends at 30-something is tough!  Thankfully I’ve found that Rex has actually made striking up a conversation so much easier.  Rex snags them with his infectious smile and then I go in with the conversation starter.  It’s working.  I’m snagging cool mom digits.

4.  Go to that party or make mid-week date nights happen.  |  Come 5pm the couch tends to look more and more appealing now that it gets dark so much earlier but when I force myself to stick to my social calendar and just “stop by” that party for a short time I have so much fun.

5.  A new podcast.  |  My favorite way to break up my day and time spent at the computer are my long walks with Rex.  I treat myself to a new podcast and it really feels like “my time,” even though I’m on mama duty.  I love listening to thrillers, I won’t recommend the one I just listened to this week because I’m still depressed about it, but I always really enjoy Garance Dore’s.  Sorta makes me feel a little more connected to my old NY / fashion world.

6.  Make up an excuse to get really dressed up. | Like sequins dressed up, and grab a drink with your girlfriends.

The Look |

Nars Red Square Lip Pencil

IRO Leather Jacket

Getting Back to Square One Top

Sydney Evan Evil Eye Necklace (also obsessed with this one)


Golden Goose Sneakers


I think I’ve mentioned my love for these jeans in previous posts… but if not, and you’re looking for a super high-rise that feels like a Levis these are my latest denim obsession.  After living in Re/Done Levis jeans for months these AGOLDE’s are now all I want to wear.  Same company as Citizens of Humanity so I would order whatever size you wear in Citizens.  (I size down in Citizens / AGOLDE).


Photography | Stephanie Russo








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