my favorite kid friendly winery in sonoma...

A Cool Kid Friendly Winery in Sonoma

27 April

It makes me sad that getting together with my best girlfriends takes so much coordination (and advanced notice) these days.  Long gone are the days when we walked across the dorm hall to see who wanted to grab dinner.  Or the days that we all lived within a five minute walk in San Francisco and we’d trade off who’s apartment we watched our reality TV shows at while chowing down on take-out Indian food.  But for as much work as finding a date that works (for some!), once our girl’s day was finally here I was beyond giddy to have some much needed hang time with my fave gals.  I went back and forth on whether I would bring Rex to wine country for the day, but when my girlfriend Nicole said the only way she could make it work was if she could bring her sweet girl, Harper, it was an obvious decision.  Babes and rosé.  I mean, what more could you want?

I’m late(r) to the Scribe Winery game and would be lying if I didn’t say I recently became a member just for the fact that they have a “bottles and blankets” reservation which is just that–grabbing blankets, buying a bottle, and hanging for as long as you’d like.  (Read: totally kid friendly!).  Since running around wine country is way less appealing now with a baby, having one destination to camp out and picnic made the whole day so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

What to wear | There’s a cool kids club for sure happening at Scribe.  Forget the sweet Napa sundress and opt for Levis and you’ll blend right in here.

a kid friendly winery in sonoma: scribe

Don’t Miss the newly renovated Hacienda | If you make a resie for bottles and blankets be sure to still walk down the hill to check out the newly remodeled Hacienda.  The mission style building, rich with history, was updated yet the decor is perfectly minimal and understated.

Reservations Only | You have to make a reservation (call about a month in advance to make sure you can get your date–especially if it’s a weekend).  And while they unfortunately don’t allow you to bring your own picnic foods, they do sell a pretty substantial and delicious cheese platter as well as other light bites.

Meet Harper!  My college roomie’s babe–born exactly one month after Rex.  R was super into her hot pink watermelon hoodie.  Or maybe just into her! 😉

a kid friendly winery in sonoma: scribe a kid friendly winery in sonoma: scribe a kid friendly winery in sonoma: scribescribe winery sonoma california   scribe winery sonoma california       a kid friendly winery in sonoma: scribe    

On Me |  Doen Blouse.  Re/Done Jeans (chopped myself because I’m a shortie).  ||  On Rex | Gray Hoodie.  Zara Pants (old, but similar).

Photography | Stephanie Russo

  • such a fun day! loved it, thanks for inviting me girl 🙂 <3

    • p.s. that rex… i love him!!! xo

  • Mariateresa Scotti

    Beautiful pictures!
    Mariateresa Scotti
    Fashion secrets of a pretty girl

  • Bravo you young Mom’s! A great day for you and whether you realize it now or not, the little ones will grow to be perfectly comfortable in adult events when they are exposed to it early and often. Our kids and grand kids knew “fine dining” very early in life. They loved being part of a grown up night. -Laurel Bledsoe

  • Looks like the perfect getaway – love your look and the hat!
    xx Fiona

  • these photos are so beautiful! Love your photographers editing style so much!

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