A British Immersion | Back-to-School with Jo Malone London

8 February

I’m still coming off yet another London high with the Jo Malone London team, and excited to share the longest photo-diary ever (as I had a hard time narrowing down the pics).  Gosh it was just so great to be back in that city I love so much!  After the most incredible trip with the JML team this past September in which we experienced the launch of their fall English Oak scent, this time around, we were given a thoroughly British immersion.  Our days were spent “back-to-school,” diving into all things English.  We learned everything from proper bow tying and crafting the perfect gift (innate to the core of the brand), to how much foam makes the ideal pint of beer (very important!).  Our training took us throughout the city and of course we were whisked from one destination to the next in custom taxis… in true, they think of everything Jo Malone London fashion.  Mornings were spent at the Jo Malone London Townhouse which now feels like a home away from home–complete with all of the warm and familiar faces of the JML team!  Highlights included high tea (I made sure to get my daily quota of English breakfast and scones, extra clotted cream), discovering our perfect scent combinations (mine: Red Roses layered with Wild Bluebell), pouring our own JML candles, cocktails and a traditional pub quiz night hosted by my British girl-crush herself, Poppy Delevingne.  If only Sienna Miller had shown up…

I left my boys behind on this trip, but instead got to bring my girlfriend Stephanie with me to capture the experience.  Such a treat to travel with a girlfriend!  It was Steph’s first time to London so even though we were pretty exhausted we downed some tea and headed out ready to explore.

Tea and Jo Malone London candles scenting my room made for the most welcoming arrival at our hotel–Claridge’s.


Welcome breakfast at the JML Townhouse where we were divided into our teams for the week.  This is when things got competitive…

My teammate and fellow under 5’2” babe: Olivia (Lust for Life).  Olivia told me the JML Townhouse reminded her of my house which I totally can see with all of the whites, blacks and woods.  Probably also hence my right at home feeling there!

Just the dreamiest scene!


Lessons in pint-pulling…


Day two, when each room of the Jo Malone London Townhouse was transformed into a classroom-like setting complete with lockers for the day (mine had Hugh Grant inside!), vintage desks and a cafeteria with school box lunches.

Hints at the inspiration behind their next fragrance launch!

Floral crown making!  Mine was so over-the-top epic that I thought it looked better on the JML door as a wreath, ha!

Poppy!  Who is just as bubbly and fun in person as you would imagine.  She also has the coolest raspy voice.

Also major girl crushes on these twin German bloggers: Nisi and Desi.

Thank you to Jo Malone London for this incredible trip and collaborating on this post.  Between this trip and our currently binge-watching of The Crown I’m feeling up on all things British.

Photography | Stephanie Russo












  • Phyllisa

    Looks amazing! We stayed at Claridge’s over one Christmas when I was a foreign exchange student in Belgium. I still remember morning tea and croissants served with shortbread. Love your floral crown; you make a lovely woodland sprite. ❤️

    • @disqus_Xjaa7DdHdh:disqus oooh how fun! Was such a treat to get to stay there! And yes… I think I ordered room service tea everyday ;). HA! Thank you! xx

  • It seems you really had fun 🙂
    Miki x


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