February Love List | 14 Things

2 February

I just had something totally embarrassing happen to me.  I haven’t been a journaling or diary girl since back in my elementary days but I just started a little journaling while traveling this past week… and then went and left my notebook on my last flight home yesterday.  (Eek!!)  Whoever finds that one is in for a treat.  Thank goodness my name isn’t in it.  Or is it?!  (Monkey hands over eyes emoji!)  Why am I telling you this?  Well I am totally bummed because I had written out this entire post since I couldn’t get internet on the flight–my love letter to February.  Now I’m trying to recreate the list from memory…

I actually wrote a similar love list last year which was personally one of my favorite posts of 2017 so I decided to write a new one as my kick-off to this sweet month of love.  Also, another side note, my girlfriend just told me I’m the only person she knows that loves celebrating Valentine’s Day.  What?!  What’s not to love about celebrating love?!  I’m not even a true romantic and I love this month so much.


My February Love List… in no particular order:

1.  Waking up to Rex chatting “car car.”  (Every morning he pops up wanting to play with his cars.)  Sweetest little alarm clock.

2.  When my husband walks in the door at the end of the day… and the big smile on Rex’s face.  Especially on Friday evenings, and we pop open a bottle of wine knowing we have all weekend to hang.  The best feeling right?

February Love List | 14 Things

3.  Those girlfriends that when you get together no matter how long it’s been you pick up right where you left off.

4.  The text chains I have with my college besties.

February Love List | 14 Things

5.  Seeing pictures of my sweet girlfriend Tessa who had twins this past week.  Gets me teary eyed every time I get a new photo of them.  Gosh I’m so emotional after having a baby, I cry over everything!

6.  Rainbows.  Such hope, spirit, and beauty!  I keep seeing them everywhere, not just in the sky which makes me so happy.

7.  The relationship between my mom and Rex.  He’s so in love with her!  So sweet to see.  He cried after she left this past visit since he’s been spending so much time with her while I’ve been traveling.

February Love List | 14 Things

8.  Totally materialistic here, the feeling when you walk into your favorite store or your favorite designer comes out with their new collection.  Me, in Isabel Marant while in London.  Just walking in the doors I feel totally giddy and inspired.

9.  Clean shaved legs.  Some days just shaving and a shower is an accomplishment around here.  It’s the little things.

10.  Walking in the door to a clean kitchen.  A rarity around these parts as well but when our kitchen island is clean (usually thanks to my nanny) it’s such a “ah” feeling.

February Love List | 14 Things

11.  When I’m coming down the escalator at the airport and I spot Tanner waiting for me.  Gives me butterflies every time… and we’ve been together over 13 years!  I awkwardly wave with a big cheesy grin.

12.  When you discover a new TV series to binge watch.  Currently: The Crown.

February Love List | 14 Things

13.  Open and honest conversations that leave you thinking long afterwards.

14.  My dad’s “just wanted to hear your voice” phone calls.

February Love List | 14 Things

The Look |  Reformation Tank + Skirt (similar pant still available).  Isabel Marant Denim Jacket.  Gucci Purse.  Tiffany & Co Earrings + Ring.

Photography | Susan Yee

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