Good Vibes Only

15 December

These photos were snapped on Black Friday which already feels so long ago, but at the time marked our (approximate) 1 month anniversary over at SYLLABUS! Between our opening and the SF Pop Up which led us straight into the holidays… it’s been an exciting couple of months, and I’ve already learned quiiiite a bit about owning your own store (and have realized there is so much more I have yet to learn). One thing that is the most important rule to me around SYLLABUS? Good Vibes Only. As a team we’ve been working on creating a store that is welcoming and hopefully(!) just a fun place to pop into to.

cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-02

Boutique shopping is my absolute favorite shopping experience. Those unique neighborhood gems make your city special. I love stepping into a buyer’s world–into their unique edit–and to see how they’ve merchandized their selects (something I have yet to learn so much more about). I’ve always found it so inspiring.

cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-04

(The day our first shipment of Gladys Tamez hats arrived–best hats ever–I want to collect them all! Can we say dangerous? They’re an investment for sure but completely worth it once you feel the quality in person and realize this is a hat you will have for life.)

cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-00cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-01

 I’d love to hear from you. What do you look for when shopping your local boutiques? How can we make the experience better?

cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-06.002

Wearing: Vince Leather Jacket + Pants (affordable faux leather style).  Helmut Lang Sweater (similar).

 Jennifer Fisher Necklace.  Gladys Tamez Hat (available at SYLLABUS).  Prada Heels.

cheetah is the new black syllabus chico-05

Photography by Estelle Bohl

  • Yasemin

    I was visiting Austin last month and stumbled into a boutique that had a lot of my fave brands – Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Jerome Dreyfus bags, and the PS1 with fringe. All brands I’m used to seeing but their edit felt different it felt very Texas which I loved and was also really inspired by…

  • I love local boutiques! the only thing is sometimes they are too expensive. I understand there’s a lot of overheard and marketing spending that goes into the business but I would definitely support local shops is prices were more reasonable.
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

    • @Belen ~ I think boutiques often strive for the best of the best–and with quality and name brands usually comes a larger price tag. That said, there are so many wonderful boutiques with a variety of price points.

  • I love what I’ve been seeing of Syllabus so far! The atmosphere and decor are really what make me feel comfortable in a boutique.

  • The store looks amazing, hope I can visit it someday. Your outfit is also very stunnig. Love the pants and jacket 🙂
    x Fiona

  • I love seeing snippets of what you do at the store. For me, shopping locally lets me know more about where I’m spending my money. I love finding more out about the designers who made the products, about where things are from, and building relationships with the staff. It is back to shopping being a personal, thoughtful experience rather than the big anonymous rush that most high street shopping is in the UK. If only I could have SYLLABUS just around the corner! Although, it is probably just as well you aren’t because I’d be drooling outside the windows with those beautiful hats!
    Chambray & Curls

    • @Laura ~ aw thank you Laura! Your comment means so much to me! Yes this is exactly why I love shopping local boutiques the most.

  • First of all I have so much admiration for you taking on your own store. As for boutique shopping, I look for quality material, unique jewelry and value prices. I’m willing to spend more if it’s a quality product.

    Good luck with your shop! It looks so neat!

    S. Roderick

    • @Shae ~ thank you so much… means so much to me and this is exactly what I’m trying to provide–quality and value, and something a little different. 😉 xx

  • when i really love a boutique, it’s about the people first with the products an obvious close second. when you can feel the place exudes the owners aesthetic and vibe, i totally buy into – like when i feel as if i’m walking through their own ideal home or closet (creepy? maybe), it’s authentic and one of a kind – which keeps me coming back

    • @kate ~ same here! I love that so many people have told me they feel like they’ve walked into my closet when they step into SYLLABUS 😉 Xx

  • LBG

    I love your store, feel like I am right there. You did a great job! I look for a variety of items, music playing, friendly people

  • Feel the vibrations all the way here!
    Shop emerging designers from all around the world in one place. Sign in for a discount!

  • Sonia

    In my local shops I love to get that feeling of family, they start knowing me so well and from client go to lover of the shop 🙂 Yours is awesome and wish to go visit someday

    • @Sonia aw thank you–yes I hope you get to come one day too! x

  • A few Local brands mixed with the more well known brands! We have a few boutiques who do this and it’s so cool seeing local business succeeding 🙂

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