Home for the holidays.

29 December

Home sweet home (Chico) for the holidays!  A photo diary from a sweet couple of days completely checked out, hanging with the fam, over-indulging, plenty of wine of course–there’s just nothing better.  Highlights included our Christmas Eve crab dinner (my favorite tradition), my Nana’s homemade ravioli, a long walk through Bidwell Park on Christmas, staying out at my in-law’s in their newly remodeled guest house which felt like the perfect cozy cabin escape.  I don’t get reception out at my in-laws which is always a nice excuse to unplug, and this visit I pulled out my camera and was re-inspired by the beauty of the canyon (and my hometown in general).  Plus I had my boys as my muses!  One of my goals this 2018 year is to capture more of our memories with my real camera as opposed to my phone.  So here’s a start.  A belated merry, merry to you–hope you had the very best Christmas and have fun New Years plans in the works too!



The Look  |  & Other Stories Beanie.  Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Coat.

I want to steal T’s Filson duffle.








  • Phyllisa

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and the fam! ❤️

    • @disqus_Xjaa7DdHdh:disqus aw Merry Xmas to you and Happy New Year! Thank you, hope you’re enjoying this season!! xx

  • Elham Watson

    Love. Can I just live here?

  • awwww cute pics of T and R! very sweet xo

    • aww thanks T! Merry merry, and happy NY, miss ya girl! x

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