master bedroom inspiration

Master Bedroom Inspiration

10 June

On a house update–now that we’ve finished our downstairs remodel (I will be sharing more details / photos soon I promise), we’re moving forward with our upstairs renovation in the next couple of weeks. Yay! Deciding to remodel the downstairs first, move-in, and take a break before starting on the upstairs has given us time to live in the house and really figure out what we want to do with the various rooms and what will work best for us. It has also given me a mental break from design decisions and a chance for fresh inspiration. The downside is, of course, now we will be living through the remodel process which I’m 100% not looking forward to. Any advice would be awesome! But if all goes to plan, by the end of summer the whole house will be complete! Double yay.

We have actually been living in what will be the guest room for the past 6 months. We knew the master bedroom and bath would be the first room to get some much needed love and so we thought we’d just move into that spare room to begin with. My main goal with the master is to brighten up the space (as we did with the downstairs), increase the bathroom size (adding double vanities, a bath tub, enlarging the shower) and adding a walk-in closet. The dark wooden floors will be sanded and stained a lighter color and the brick fireplace will get a chic facelift. All while keeping with the charm and character of the house and incorporating a mix of older antiques with the new. Just my style!

upstairs master bedroom remodel inspiration

As far as aesthetics I’ve been pulling as much gender neutral (almost masculine feeling bedrooms–especially from The Apartment by The Line–also seen here) for inspiration. Here is my current mood board showing the vibe I’m going for! Stay tuned for more upstairs remodel updates to come.

master bedroom remodel inspiration

Current debate–dark walls to create a moody oasis or bright white to match the rest of the house? Either way, modernizing the room with a less granny feel for sure. Dark charcoal / gray walls appeal to the part of me that wants our bedroom to be a sleeper’s heaven. Our bedroom in New York didn’t have windows and I swear I always got the best nights sleep. It also could have easily been that exhausting NY lifestyle. On the other hand white walls appeal to the other side of me that loves waking up in a bright, happy and airy room. Leaning towards all white but would love to hear your thoughts if you have a dark walled bedroom.

Images via The Apartment by The Line + here

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