a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

“Mini” Styled Valentines

13 February

I’ve decided I only want to style and conceptualize “mini” photo shoots from now on.  No but seriously this was the cutest thing ever!  There may have been tears and a whole lot of crazy happening at my house on this afternoon, but getting together some fellow creative mamas and their littles was a whole lot of fun.

My inspiration started with a floral garland to drape over Rex’s cradle and turned into a full-on shoot with my girlfriend’s babes as well.  I thought this might be my only Valentine’s Day to do something like this while Rex really doesn’t have a say (ha!), so I went for it!  I turned the back corner of our family room into this sweet little scene complete with a magical floral backdrop made by Jessica of Oak and Ash and a hot pink Moroccan rug that I bought over a year ago and has just been begging for some love.  We dressed everyone in the sweetest pieces from my girlfriend Maia’s online shop, Bitte, learned the power of Frozen’s “Let It Be”… and watched as the group of three years and under danced around.  (Well, Rex rolled around!).

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

(Jessica Miller’s) Briar wearing Petit Bateau Red Check Dress

You really can’t try to get particular shots with this age group but Susan captured both the adorableness and the hilarity of the afternoon perfectly.  The “behind-the-scenes” moments were my favorites and I couldn’t help but include one too many in this post!  Hope this kicks your week off on a sweet note!

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoota sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

(Ashley Maxwell’s) Violette wearing Siaomimi Angel Dress  + (Maia Smith’s) Ingrid wearing Siaomimi Clemence Dress

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

Mary Salas (Honey Wild) and her adorable six month old Nora.  Mary is one of my favorite new insta-mama’s to follow because Nora is just too flipping cute.  And Jessica working away on our floral backdrop!

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shootcitnb-mini-valentines-shoot.002

The sweetest accessories–perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day!  If I was three again I’d want this Pompom Purse or Pompom Headband / Crown.

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

Nora wearing Huxbaby Bunny Face Onsie

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

(Michelle Drewes‘) Iris wearing Rylee + Cru Leaves Dress

valentinebabes_0114citnb-mini-valentines-shoot.001a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shootcitnb-mini-valentines-shoot.003a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

Violette twirling around with these wings was just too precious.

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shootcitnb-mini-valentines-shoot.004a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shootcitnb-mini-valentines-shoot.006

As a rookie new mom I planned this shoot during prime nap time (I’m learning!) so when I bumped my phone accidentally pausing the Frozen soundtrack tears immediately erupted.

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

Rex wearing Kid & Kind Happy Face Onsie

a sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoota sweet valentine's styled "mini" shoot

Creative + Prop Styling | Alicia Lund

Clothing | Bitte

Photography | Susan Yee

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