on the go beauty bag essentials

On-The-Go Beauty Bag

11 August

On the days I’m on the go and might need to freshen up in between appointments, I make sure to carry along a few key beauty essentials.  I hate to tote around too much so I’ve streamlined what I call my “on-the-go” beauty bag and always have it ready to throw in my handbag.  There’s the obvious few: lipgloss, q-tips (for any eyeshadow / mascara runs), and tweezers (for when you spot those unwanted hairs–which always seem to pop up at the worst possible times! Seriously I think my car mirror is a better spot to pluck than the bathroom).  And a couple tricks I’ve picked up: face mist (for hydrating mid-day–especially essential in this Sacramento dry heat), and pre-loading my powder on this Lilah B. foundation brush for easy touch-ups.  Then you don’t have to tote your foundation around–you can just carry the brush.

on the go beauty bag essentials on the go beauty bag essentials on the go beauty bag essentials

I love that this brush is small enough to pop in a clutch when heading out at night.  This and a lipgloss and you’re set.

on the go beauty bag essentials on the go beauty bag essentials

Photography | Stephanie Russo

  • OMG that brush is so cute and travel friendly! The only reservation I have about makeup brush buying is that I’m too lazy to clean them – partly because I think it’s hard for some reason lmao


    • Alicia Lund

      haha I know, I need to clean mine probably more often than I actually do. @dressupchowdown:disqus

  • Amazing products – I always adore your photography. It’s so pretty!
    xx Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

    • Alicia Lund

      @disqus_hdYjeoAQJk:disqus aw thank you! I’ve been working closely with my girlfriend Stephanie, her photos are amazing.

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  • LOVE this!!
    I would add an antiinflammatory head ache pill in there. haha I never ever use it but when I need it and its in my bag- I am forever grateful!


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