Pixora Launch Party

1 July

After working with my friend Arun over these past few months–advising him on his new mobile app Pixora (both personally, and as a blogger)–I was so thrilled to help plan, and host his launch party last week. Arun originally came to me with this idea for a highly curated, visual content sharing app (now Pixora) a couple of years ago when I was living in Upstate New York. (He’s always ahead of the curve.) I wasn’t so sure about that first version he showed me and remember giving him my two cents. Turns out, now a couple of years later, Arun took my thoughts seriously and we toasted to the launch with some local SF bloggers last Monday!

So what is Pixora? It’s a highly curated app connected to awesome content. You can browse across various categories: fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle etc., follow your favorite bloggers, and ultimately find unique inspiration. From a blogger’s standpoint, I appreciate that Pixora sends traffic back to CITNB, and from a personal standpoint, I love that every photo is backed with great content. I could go on, and there are many exciting things in the pipeline (shopping and search are coming soon!), however you might just want to click over and learn more about Pixora in this video that we made recently here and download it in the Apple App store here to discover more yourself.


I’ve really loved learning more about the mobile space over these past few months which has made me realize how important my own (CITNB) mobile experience is. (Working on fixing this at the moment!) Also, as a blogger, how important it is to have your content accessible within mobile apps like Pixora. So for those of you who are not in Pixora but would like your content to be included you can email the team at: [email protected]


And a note about this space: I highly recommend Cookhouse if you’re in need of an SF event space. It’s stunning, intimate, you can bring in your own catering and set it up in any way you want–a private dinner / cocktail hour you name it.


  Wearing:  Kenzo Dress (similar).  Iro Sandals.


And just out of curiosity, while I have you and am chatting about mobile–do you read your favorite blogs on the web or browse them via your phone?

Photography by Michelle Drewes

  • Claudia

    Almost always phone. Food blogs on iPad makes for easier following recipes but otherwise I read all blogs on my iphone.

  • Great photos! Looks like so much fun! That dress is stunning on you!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • Love this! It’s such a gorgeous space, and the back details on your dress are to die for.
    Day in and day out I browse blogs on my computer since I’m at the office, but when I’m out and about I use an app like bloglovin to see what’s new!

  • In love with the space and the outfit styles.

    I use a web browser 🙂

  • Cyn

    Hot stuff in that dress! I check out your site every morning on my computer, if I see something additional on instagram that you post I every so often check it out on my iPhone. 🙂

  • Congrats on the launch! Love the little details that pulled together the launch party. I typically browse on my phone in the morning when I’m getting ready for work! I usually don’t have all the time in the world to browse during the day!

  • Yasemin

    only on the web. it’s not at all appealing on my phone though I would love for it to be an on the go mobile experience!

  • I hardly ever look at blogs on my phone – to difficult! It’s either on my ipad or computer… also – LOVING your dress!


  • I always read my blogs on the computer. Love the photos!

  • kim

    if i look at blogs on my phone, it’s through bloglovin’, but i much prefer the laptop…love the bigger photos.
    congratulations on the launch event, you and caitlin did a wonderful job on the space…looks like a fun time!

  • Will have to d/l the app!

    Liz @ http://www.shoppingmycloset.com
    Weekly Style Me Wednesday link-up

  • I read my blogs on bloglovin mostly through my iPad but sometimes my iPhone. I tend to go to your site as not all the photos show up on the app.

  • Only ever on my computer…I like to see the content big!

    • @Rory ~ I like to the see photos larger as well 😉

  • This was so fun! Thx so much for having me there and introducing me to another cool app! xo Jeanne

    • @Jeanne ~ aw thanks again for coming lady! So great to see you 😉 x

  • Kate

    Almost always on my phone!

  • pipa

    Great photos and beautiful dress!!!

  • Wow that space does look amazing, gorgeous high ceilings & light!

    Whilst I guess I prefer to read blogs on my MacBook (for the bigger pictures), I usually catch up via bloglovin app on my mobile, just because I read so many blogs, & if I can read them on the go it makes it much easier!

    Katie x

  • Lovely party–well done Alicia. AND, I’ve signed up for Pixora (nice video!).

    I read my favourite blogs via web.

  • Love this look and the entire space! But the dress you linked to be similar was not so similar after all….it was not a wrap dress. Otherwise, great post! If you find a dress more similar, let us know 🙂

    • @Casey ~ I know, I had a hard time finding a wrap version. Will keep a look out. 😉

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