pool to dinner style in Palm Springs

Pool to Dinner

29 June

Sure it’s not every town that you can roll from the pool to a cool hipster dinner locale… but in Palm Springs a bikini and short-shorts totally works.  Well maybe you should throw a graphic tee on top?  Gosh who would have thought I would have the balls to show this much skin post baby?  I mean really… I guess I was feeling confident in the desert.  I did get a spray tan before leaving so there’s that.  Maybe that’s another awesome aspect about a trip to Palm Springs–the confidence boost and anything goes mentality.

But back to pool-to-dinner style.  As we head into the 4th of July weekend these looks feel especially appropriate for the Americana care-free-hope-you-have-some-water-activities-planned weekend.  Because you should most definitely spend the majority of the holiday weekend in your swimsuit.  Minimal makeup.  Air dried hair.  Crochet knit cover-up.  And swap the bikini top for a stylish cropped top (also love in white) or blouse and high-waisted denim.

Look I |  Isabel Marant Cropped TopMadewell Shorts.  |  Look II |  Cleobella DressSarah Flint Sandals.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

  • Phyllisa

    You look amazing! Rex is lucky to have such a hot mamma!!

    • @disqus_Xjaa7DdHdh:disqus oh my gosh I just laughed out loud… haha!!! x

  • Noelle Marotta

    That’s great that you have that much confidence post baby! Great tips!

    • Aw! I actually didn’t think I would feel as confident as I do post baby! x

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