Why You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational Inspiration

20 April

I consider myself to be an extremely positive person.  (I really just don’t let negative thoughts or any other way of seeing things pass through my mind.)  I actually chalk this quality up to the two most important men in my life (my Dad and my husband) who have shown me the power of turning positive thoughts into reality.  They both have a nightly visualizing routine that continuously inspires me to be better about my own evening regime.  You know what they say, the most successful people are great at visualizing! Who’s watched The Secret?

These days as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out, so I’ve found that it’s important for me to have visual reminders of my goals and the aspects I want to dedicate a little extra energy towards throughout the day. What better way to bring your mantras to life than by surrounding yourself with fun motivational inspiration everyday in the form of playful stickers and decals. I love, and let’s be honest need, daily visual reminders so I had fun thinking about and creating my personal Mantra Box in collaboration with StickerYou.  Sticking some of my current goals (both small and aspirational) throughout our house is sure making me happy–like the “you got this” (Beyonce-girl-boss vibes) I currently stare at while getting ready in the morning.

Why You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational Inspiration Why You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational Inspiration

StickerYou makes it easy to completely customize and design your own stickers, labels, decals–even your own personalized tattoos (how rad is that?)–you name it.  You can upload your logo or create your own designs from scratch (I did both) using their intuitive platform.  Just a few minutes spent creating my mantras and within a week I had a motivational package on my doorstep!

Balancing a business and a baby, finding time to spend with my husband, keeping the house picked up, dinner on the table and, oh yeah, a little me time once in a while is a daily struggle.  As my mother-in-law recently told me, “you need order in your Universe.”  (She was actually referring to the messy state of my current disorganized non-closet situation–but yes, yes I do!). So I had “Order in my Universe” made into a decal and it now lives on my computer.  It’s kept me feeling grounded every time I see it and is a great daily reminder that this crazed state of my life as a new mom (trying to balance it all) will get easier. Which brings me to my next motivational sticker! #teamCheetah

Why You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational Inspiration

Another area I’ve been focusing my energy on lately is growing my team (woot woot!) and bringing a little more organization to my world in general. I truly believe if you just put the energy out there the right people step into your world when you need them the most. Best news of all? In just the short time that I started working on this Mantra Box with StickerYou and hitting publish on this post I’ve hired a new team member! More news on that to come but just goes to show how amazing the power of motivational inspiration. (We might need #teamCheetah customized temporary tattoos!)

Why You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational InspirationWhy You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational InspirationWhy You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational InspirationWhy You Should Surround Yourself With Motivational Inspiration

Thank you to StickerYou for collaborating on this post!

Photography | Susan Yee


  • Great post on positive thinking! Sometimes we all need a little reminder on that. And it’s so cool that #TeamCheetah is growing! Looking forward to seeing how!


    • Alicia Lund

      aw thanks Breanna, yes all about those positive thoughts! xx

  • Dylana

    “You need order in your Universe”, such a good reminder!



    • Alicia Lund

      haha right? love that saying! x

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