4 months - rex moss lund

Rex (and Work Life Balance) at 4 Months

24 March

This guy!  I can’t get enough.  And I can’t believe he’s already four months.  Life with Rex just keeps getting better and better… everyone says it but they’re so right.  Motherhood is getting easier (or at least I’m figuring him out more).  He’s giggling (although I still can’t make him laugh–what the heck!–apparently I’m not funny but everyone else is).  And while we’re definitely in some sort of sleep regression those smiles and giggles make up for the lack of zzz’s.  He is also talking, or rather yelling, at his toys which is hilarious to listen to and is in constant motion.  We call him the energizer bunny because he plays hard which also usually always ends in lots of tired tears.  But lack of sleep and tired tears, I’ll take it all because his sweet energy just makes me so very happy.  He has made our world so special.

4 months - rex moss lund4 months - rex moss lund

Life now feels equally slower and stress free when I’m with Rex, and at the same time frazzled as my mind is constantly swimming with everything I have going on (if that makes sense?).  So the hardest part about motherhood right now is finding a balance with work.  I don’t know how any single parents do it.  I’m constantly quizzing my working mama friends and the best thing that has happened in our household was deciding to hire a nanny.  A couple mornings a week quickly turned into three full days and it’s been life changing for my sanity and business.  Our house is definitely in a much more organized state than I had things running in and so is my brain!  Overall I just feel so fortunate to have the flexibility to create my own hours and work from home / take him with me.

I’m also still breastfeeding exclusively which is a whole other topic as gosh ladies it’s sweet but it’s a commitment!  I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of the feeding topic and literally no judgement as to what works for each baby / family situation.  I can’t seem to get the hang of a regular pumping schedule and therefore every time I have an event or obligation it’s a struggle to figure out how to make it work.  But we’re doing it!

4 months - rex moss lund

Another sweet aspect of motherhood is the new tribe of mom friends that you make.  One girlfriend that I met in prenatal yoga class and I now meet for weekly coffee dates and joke that our boys are best friends even though one is usually napping whenever we get together so they have yet to actually really interact beyond a bit of a staring contest.  It’s just nice to chat about everything from pumping at work to flying to Mexico with a five month old (she just got back) and I’m so thankful for her friendship at this stage, especially since most of my closest girlfriends are in the Bay Area.

4 months - rex moss lund

I had to include this pic because Rex has the biggest yawns.

4 months - rex moss lund4 months - rex moss lund

The Look | Isabel Marant Caftan (old but how cute is this coverup style?).  Straw Hat from here (similar, love!)  + on Rex | Gray Label Playsuit.

Photography | Susan Yee

  • What a beautiful post. I can tell you are a good mom…the little one is so comfortable and used to the photo shoots already!-Laurel

    • Alicia Lund

      aw you’re so sweet! and hilarious that he is pretty comfortable with the camera. not sure if that’s a good thing? ha! xx

  • Marta Capellano

    It’s always nice to catch on your blog, Happy that you are doing so good! 🙂
    P.s. i love all’ the instagram stories with Rex 😍

    • Alicia Lund

      aw thanks for checking in on us Marta!! We miss you guys! And so glad you’re enjoying the insta stories. Hope you get to meet him one day soon! xx

  • Your dress looks stunning!
    xx Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  • It’s so great that you are figuring out things so fast. I feel like I’m still trying to figure out that balance (and I’m 14 months in!). I hear you about breast feeding. Its. so. hard. You are doing great (and look amazing too).

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