everything you want to know about fall scent layering

Scent Layering: Creating Your Own Bespoke Fall Scent

26 October

I’ve always loved the idea of creating your own signature scent, or perhaps one that changes with the season or your mood.  I’m sure you have those people in your life (ie: your mom or grandma), and if you walk past the perfume counter or catch a hint of whatever fragrance they wear it’s all kinds of comforting–bringing back all sorts of memories!  (Which is really probably the best thing about a scent.)

After diving deeper into the world of Jo Malone London this past September (remember this epic trip?) I’ve been experimenting with combining some of my favorite fragrances together.  Something that is so essential to the brand as everything is meant to be layered.  I’ve been a rose scented perfume girl going on a couple of years now and currently my absolute favorite combination for fall right now is layering Velvet Rose & Oud as the base with English Oak & Hazelnut.  It’s so so deliciously fresh and perfectly fall smelling!  I especially love that I feel like I’ve created my own bespoke scent that’s unique only to me.  Since I thought we might all like some additional tips when it comes to creating our own signature fall scents I tapped Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance at Jo Malone London with a few of my questions.  Thanks Celine!

I love the idea of creating your own signature scent by combining your favorite fragrances, but is there anything to keep in mind when layering scents (like how to do you go about choosing a base layer?)? 

You are totally right, our philosophy of Fragrance Combining™ is about creating your own bespoke scent – because who wants to smell like everybody else? Fragrance Combining™ allows you to tailor a scent to reflect your personality or your mood of the day. Let me give you an example… I like to start with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil, which leaves skin soft and smooth. I then add a spritz of Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne on top for a warm and woody combination – perfect for a winter’s day.

What type of scents typically pair together best?
As our fragrances are designed to be layered while retaining their clarity, you can combine any scents you want. So, you could layer two florals for a very feminine feel, or go unexpected by pairing a woody or spicy scent with a fruity twist. Any combination is possible! It’s all down to personal choice.

Is it best to stick to just layering two?
My favourite thing is to apply a Body Crème to scent the skin while it moisturizes (which is a good tip as fragrance lasts longer when the skin is hydrated), then apply a Cologne as a finishing touch. Personally, I love to do a little spritz in my hair before going out for the evening! A great combination is Peony & Blush Suede Body Crème paired with Orange Blossom Cologne.

What fragrances are you loving paired together for fall?  (I’m loving English Oak & Hazelnut with Velvet Rose & Oud!)
That is a great choice, because you have the freshness and spiciness of English Oak & Hazelnut deepened by the texture of roses in Velvet Rose & Oud. Another of my favourite pairings for fall is English Oak & Hazelnut with Wild Bluebell – a quirky floral combination.

Scent Layering: Creating Your Own Bespoke Fall Scent everything you want to know about fall scent layeringeverything you want to know about fall scent layering

Photography | Susan Yee

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