The Secret to Air Dried Hair

28 June

Blow dryers in any kind of 100+ degree temps… it’s just not happening in my world.  Actually I didn’t even pack styling tools for the week I was in Palm Springs.  And quite honestly, if I didn’t take photos of myself for a living (I can’t believe I even just typed that sentence because sometimes just the thought of that previous remark is just so SO not me) I would probably never pack styling tools on vacay period.  But one major plus of the crazy hot desert heat is nature’s quick air drying.  Which, with the right products, has been working wonders in my favor.  This trip I tested out a new to me waves texture lotion from Oribe that I’m now obsessed with.  Even now back from the desert, I’m trying to recreate that straight out of the pool air dried, “piecey” carefree look.  One tip I learned from my hair dresser a while back when it comes to air drying, comb your hair in the shower but don’t touch it with a comb or brush when you get out.  Instead, I just run my fingers through it with some product and let my hair do it’s thing.  And my pro tip, if the air drying doesn’t quite work just throw a hat on your head.

The Secret to Air Dried HairOribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion The Secret to Air Dried HairThe Secret to Air Dried Hair  The Secret to Air Dried HairThe Secret to Air Dried Hair

I’d also like to note that I found my perfect summer bikini.  This high-waisted style from Solid and Striped (The Bridgette) is so playful and fun!  I bought it in both this pink gingham (who am I? not my usual style but felt appropriate for Palm Springs!) and black.

The Secret to Air Dried Hair

And, this tank?  A summer essential.  I own and wear it in gray and white non-stop.  It’s just that perfect basic.

The Secret to Air Dried Hair

Look I |  Solid + Striped Bikini (love love love the high-waisted! also crushing on this color way).  +  Look II |  Current Elliott Tank (also own and wear non-stop in gray).  Citizens of Humanity Jeans.  Sophie Monet Earrings.  Chloé Bag.  Janessa Leone Hat.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

  • Justine Beaudry

    Love both these looks! And definitely going to invest in that Oribe. Weird question – do you comb your hair and then wrap in a towel to rough dry and then not touch? Thank you 😉

    • I comb it in the shower then yes, towel dry but don’t wrap it… then when I’m putting the product in I twist my hair into pieces if that makes sense? xx

  • francesca14

    It looks like we have similar hair types and I’ve been having good air dry luck with IGK Rich Kid coconut oil hair gel. I’ve also been wanting to try the Living Proof in shower styler.

    • OOoh I want to try IGK products! Thanks for the rec!!

  • Agh! That bikini is so cute! And your beachy air dried hair is gorgeous! I’ve been outside way more now that it’s hot and I need to try this styling! I hate blow drying when it’s warm!

  • Phyllisa

    Love it all! I chopped all my hair off à la Michelle Williams so no just have to deal with too frequent hair cuts. I will keep this in mind for the future though! ❤️

  • Laura

    “One tip I learned from my hair dresser a while back when it comes to air drying, comb your hair in the shower but don’t touch it with a comb or brush when you get out.” – @thehyperbalist Alina Gonzalez (5/8/17). We read other blogs and see other Instagram accounts. I have never written anything so negative in my life but this is such blatant forgery I can’t ignore it. I know it’s an “airdry” tip and seems obvious, but funny “a while back” you didn’t post it. I am so offended by how dumb you think your audience is.

    • Hi Laura… this comment confuses me… you think I forged this? My hairdresser really gave me this tip. I’m sure it is a common hairdresser air dry tip but thanks for your concern 🙂

  • Your hair looks beautiful air-dried Alicia! I love the earrings, can you tell me where they’re from?

    • Yes they’re Sophie Monet and I’ve been wearing them non-stop!

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