Spring Layering: Wear Your Favorite Spring Dresses Now

6 April

We’ve had some hot streaks here in Sacramento (upwards of 70s)… but are currently back to a chillier forecast.  One of my favorite layering tricks during this time of year is to pull out my spring dresses but layer them over a lightweight turtleneck.  So for those in cooler areas as well, this spring look is for you!  I loved this Isabel Marant dress and floral print from a couple seasons back so much that I was thrilled to find it on YOOX recently (more Isabel scores here!).  I scour around the interwebs to find my favorite designer pieces months later if I still can’t get them out of my head.  This was one of those scores along with this cropped trench–I like that it’s sort of a cross between a cargo jacket and a trench–which I know will get lots of love in my closet this season as well.  In fact, it’s coming with me to (rainy!) Seattle this weekend.

The Look |  Isabel Marant Dress + Trench from YOOX.  Vince Turtleneck.  Gucci Purse.  IRO Heels.

Photography | Ashley Maxwell



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