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The Ultimate Gift Box: Simone LeBlanc

5 May

When I had Rex, someone gifted me a Simone LeBlanc mom and baby gift box.  We received so many thoughtful presents, however when thinking back on that time the gifts all sort of blur together in my head (sad to admit but true) and it’s hard to remember who gave what.  The one gift that really stands out was the box we received from Simone LeBlanc.  A classic wooden box filled with the most beautifully curated assortment of goods.  It was hands down the chicest gift box I had ever received and thus my obsession with Simone LeBlanc began.

Each box tells a story, every item is thoughtfully chosen and the branding is crazy chic which will make you / your giftee feel so very special!  They’re the ultimate gift box–perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day, your new mama friend, your boss (who is crazy hard to buy for), as a client thank you–you name it.  I also love that you can shop by recipient and price point (from ultra high end to fifty dollars) making it a really easy to navigate and choose from.  We all live busy lives and when you want to send something meaningful but don’t have the time to search around this is such a wonderful option.

My recent delivery: the California Canyon Box.  So up my alley with the coolest assortment including Juniper Ridge sage which I lit right away.  Would be perfect to send to a girlfriend just as a thoughtful way of sending her some good vibes or to celebrate a milestone achievement.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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