Two 10 Minute + Festive DIYs

18 December

 Earlier in the month I made two very simple yet festive DIYs that I wanted to share. One, a homemade babies breath wreath to display at SYLLABUS (a Pinterest inspired creation)… and 2) a very last minute idea to holi-dize my candle display with Flash Tattoos. Wine and girlfriends are highly encouraged!


For the babies breath wreath: I picked up the twig base at Michaels along with additional extras (pearls, feathers, faux cotton) and used clear wire to hold the sprigs of babies breath in place.


And the festive candle idea came to me one afternoon as I was looking at a pack of leftover Flash Tattoos that I had left out on our dining table. I wasn’t sure how well they would stick on the waxy surface and was excited to discover that they worked better than I had thought! Simply hold in place with a wet paper towel for approximately 10 seconds and peel off (same as on skin). You can see them lit here.


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