Mother’s Day | What Mom Actually Wants

8 May

Totally throwing my husband under the bus here (poor guy because he really is the best gift giver!)… but Mother’s Day is one he didn’t quite nail last year.  He surprised me with a family weekend away (during an already crazy week) when all this sleep deprived mom wanted was a morning to sleep in, in her own bed, and a low key day at home.  Honestly just coffee and a long family walk would have been nice!  I’m terrible because it really was such a fun little weekend he planned ,but there was the packing up of Rex’s things and everything you sorta just want a break from on that one day… so if you have any first time mamas in your life I promise you really don’t need to go all out… here’s what she wants:

1. A morning to sleep in

2. Homemade card

3. Brunch somewhere fun with the fam

4. A free afternoon to do whatever she wants (spa / manicures / yoga)

5. A date night out with her husband (or girlfriends)

6. A rose clipped from the yard

7. The chance to drink her coffee while it’s hot (no interruptions)–maybe read the newspaper or a magazine too?

8. Lots of snuggles

9. A night off from putting the baby to bed

10. Netflix binge / movie in bed


What Mom Really Wants for Mother's DayWhat Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

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