Whiskey Sours and Backyard Grilling

12 July

Some of my most favorite memories all spur from spontaneity.  Such was this evening; running into friends at the fourth of July parade which led to grilling and the excuse to mix up pre-fireworks whiskey sours.

On the fourth our cute neighborhood puts together their own parade.  This was the first year we stayed in town to experience it, and it was pretty adorable.  Parents pulling babies in Radio Flyer wagons.  Kids riding around on decorated bikes and everyone lines the street anxiously waiting the fire trucks and floats to cruise by.  Rex was into the parade (he laughs when any big trucks drive by) but I can only imagine his excitement in the years to come.  Cannot wait!

 Tanner pulled out this bottle of Mulholland whiskey that he had been wanting to try for the occasion (I was admittedly more into the cool branding).  He likes his neat but Stephanie decided to get creative, and whiskey sours were made.  When your girlfriend is a mix-master cocktail shaker you put her in charge of those.  The verdict?  Tasted just as good as the branding.

Whiskey Sours  |  2 ounces whiskey.  3/4 ounce squeeze agave.  3/4 ounce lemon juice.  1 egg white.

Our friends Kyle and Morgan, the sweet couple behind East Sac Farms (they have an amazing garden just down the street from us in the neighborhood–featured here!), showed up with delicious nectarines and Armenian cucumbers straight from their garden.  They also brought sausages from V. Miller Meats (the local East Sacramento butcher) which were super tasty.

Tanner was in charge of grilling while Rico set the table.  Good job boys.

Everyone brought their own meat to grill and yet we ended up serving everything family style so we could try a bit of everything.  Stephanie and Rico brought kabobs and Tanner used my dad’s special chicken seasoning on the chicken… which is my fave!  Summer to me is my dad’s chicken.

Lately my hosting style has been so casual it has really taken any of the stress out of having friends over.  Asking everyone to bring food, to help out with the cooking or mixing of the cocktails means that I can put Rex to bed and not have to worry about any part of the dinner party.  Plus I feel like guests always want to help out with some task anyway.  I just set the mood with the music and pour myself a drink.  It’s exactly the way hosting should be!  Casual, relaxing, and all about the company and good food (and strong cocktails).

The Look |  Doen Top.  Madewell Shorts.  Janessa Leone Hat (the perfect summer straw hat–I wear it everyday walking Rex).

Photography | Stephanie Russo

  • Just when I’ve gotten content again with our SF studio life, your idyllic home or entertaining posts made my home buying itch flare up all over again (not that I’m complaining!). You make Sac life look absolutely fabulous 🙂

    I can’t tell if your wearing a romper or a fan top and shorts, but regardless, I want it in my life. Any hints where to find?

    Sarah 🙂

    • @Sarah aw you’re too sweet! Sac life (and the slower pace) has totally grown on me… really love it here now. It’s awesome to have more space now BUT then again, an apartment in SF sounds way awesome to me too. I sure miss the city life and wish I was in SF / NY half the time.

      And it’s a top and shorts–top is Doen and shorts are Madewell. Here they are! http://bit.ly/2trxIpp

  • I’d love to know where your friend got her white top with the bell sleeves! I’ve been looking for good white tops.

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