rex moss lund - 2 months

2 Months: What We’re Into

19 January

Rex is 2 months old today!  I didn’t think I’d be sharing monthly updates but here I am–totally obsessed–so read on if you’re interested.  Here’s what we’re into at 8 weeks (both Rex and I).

Gray Label.  |  One day I realized some of Rex’s outfits just didn’t fit his personality.  Sounds silly but when I put him in certain pieces they just didn’t feel right.  I went on a hunt searching for some new duds for our cool guy and discovered this line!  Also, these onesies are awesome for solid colors.

This hooded towel.  |  I just can’t get over the cuteness.

Wraps.  |  I take Rex everywhere with me and have continued on with my lifestyle (albeit at a much slower pace) so not only am I a fan of wraps but so is he.  I’ve tried a bunch of them now and my two favorites are: the Solly Wrap and Wild Bird Sling.  The Solly Wrap is super comfy and soft and most comfortable for long periods of time but I love the ease of this sling too.  I like that I can throw it on when just jumping out of the car to grab coffee, or as a quick way to calm him down.

Secrets of the Baby Whisper.  |  I read this book in two days after my girlfriend Gaby recommended it as it helped her get her girls to sleep through the night.  It gave me a much better understanding of his cries and cues (i.e.: overstimulated, overtired, versus hungry).  While Rex is a good little sleeper I’ve learned that if he doesn’t get enough daytime rest he will be one little upset dude by the evening.  And thankfully since getting him on more of a schedule (consisting of Eat, Play, Sleep cycles) he’s now sleeping in larger chunks at night which has made all the difference in my world.

Soothie.  |  This is his favorite pacifier, and I just ordered these too although he’s not a fan quite yet.

Boob.  |  This nursing clothing line is great (appropriate name).  I live in this sweatshirt.

Nursing Bras.  |  This bra is super comfy.  I also like this one which makes me feel somewhat sexy.  And this is my favorite cozy tank to sleep in.

Mommy + Me Yoga.  |  I signed up for Sweet Pea Yoga sessions at the same spot I went to prenatal yoga and it’s just been a nice excuse to (try) to get in some stretching and meet other moms.  This past class I got a pretty good laugh when Rex kept letting out the noisiest farts during the quiet, winding down portion at the end of class.  Hopefully no one thought it was coming from me.

Afternoon Walks.  |  Besides yoga we’ve been going for lots of afternoon walks.  Although these rainy days are a great excuse to cozy up together I’m bummed when I can’t get in a walk around the neighborhood.  We love our stroller and recently bought this adapter so that I can easily transition our carseat onto the base as well.  (Great for when he falls asleep in the carseat and you’re running errands.)

Rockabye Baby on Spotify.  |  Lullaby covers of your favorite bands.  I have to give my guy credit for discovering this one!  Rex is also a big fan of Vance Joy and Lord Huron (he went to both of their concerts when I was pregnant and I swear it calms him down every time.  So I really do believe they hear music in utero).

Rex is so much more alert which has been tons of fun.  He gives me the most smiles in the morning so I’ve been cherishing a slower morning routine.  I think he will be a talker because he’s constantly cooing and trying to join in on the conversation.  He gets bored easily (something I didn’t realize about babies!) and is sure to let me know that he wants a change of scenery–another reason why the wraps are so great.  He’s also a flirt and loves pretty girls–don’t all boys?  I can’t wait to watch his spirited and sweet personality develop more!

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