5 minute monday beauty routine

5 Minute Beauty

I’ve always been a speedy one when it comes to getting ready for the day.  Growing up, my Dad and I were the ones always waiting on my Mom and sis… who are both two ladies who surprise me with their ability to wash, blow dry, style and put on a full face of makeup everyday.  They always look amazing.  While I on the other hand, roll with day old hair in order to sneak in a few extra zzz’s (hats help too!).  When I lived in San Francisco and commuted to Palo Alto for work, I really mastered my speedy beauty routine–when in a pinch, here’s how I freshen things up and am out the door in less than 5!

5 minute monday beauty

I had crazy curly hair in high school and college and in the past few years it’s changed back to the looser waves I had as a little girl.  (Thank you to the powers above!)  I’m loving that I can let my hair dry naturally when I have time and, since second day hair is always the best for me, hitting it again in the morning with a few curls around the face for extra oomph always looks best.  I’ll plug the curling iron in while doing my makeup… and finish with a spritz of texture spray (also love).

5 minute monday beauty routine

Most days I only wear tinted moisturizer (always with an SPF) and I’ll dab a little concealer where needed.

5 minute monday beauty routine   5 minute monday beauty routine

A swipe of rosy pink blush on the cheeks (bronzer in the summer)–this is the most incredible blush palette.  I’ve been mixing a few of the blush colors lately.

5 minute monday beauty routine5 minute monday beauty routine

Gloss on the lips if I feel like I need color (currently obsessed with this new-to-me line).

5 minute monday beauty

And finish with a brush and darkening of the brows.

5 minute monday beauty routine

All about a fresh faced look–no eye makeup for everyday.  Tousle the hair, the messier the better and out the door.

Photography by Michelle Drewes
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