5 Minute Clean Beauty Routine

5 Minute Everyday Clean Beauty Staples

While in San Francisco a few weeks back now I made a little clean beauty haul at Credo Beauty on Fillmore Street.  If you’re not familiar with this natural beauty store, it’s really great!  They have a super tight edit and restrictions on the lines they accept and sell so even if you’re not very informed about the various brands, you know everything they carry has been heavily vetted.  (You can read more about their clean beauty standards and what’s on their “dirty list” here).  The store was actually founded by the owners of Sephora (also SF based if you didn’t know which is a fun fact) and they had been wanting to do a natural makeup / store concept for sometime and brought Credo Beauty to life.  They now have eight locations throughout the US–half of which have spas as well.  The SF location has a Tata Harper treatment room.

So about my haul!  I originally shared these everyday clean beauty faves in my Instagram Stories but thought I’d delve in a little deeper for you here as many of you were curious.  I walked into Credo Beauty with a few items on my list that I needed (mainly just wanting to try a new tinted sunscreen) and ended up walking out with a few additional items and re-bought a few ILIA faves as well.  Of course. ;).  So this has been my quick mom-on-the-go routine as of late…


Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen–This has become my everyday tinted face sunscreen.  I like a simple routine and typically wear tinted spf for that reason (it has my sun protection and a hint of color in one).  Easy mom-on-the-go beauty and really all I have time for most days.  But this one from Suntegrity is great because it’s non-greasy and works great as a primer under makeup as well.  Since posting about it I received multiple DM’s that so many of you love the entire Suntegrity line so now I’m curious to try additional products.  Some of you said the Suntegrity Natural Self Tanner is all you’ll use now.

ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation–I’ve been using this foundation for a few months now exclusively and love how glowy and natural it leaves my skin looking.  I don’t wear foundation everyday (mainly just a tinted spf) but this one really is my ideal clean foundation brand as it’s light and lets your skin shine through.  If I want something heavier for date nights I still use my other non-clean beauty faves but I think this will be my go-to even for date nights through the summer.  Because you really do want that no-makeup makeup look.

ILIA Mascara–My mascara was probably one of the last products to get a clean swap as I would just use whatever I had on hand (admittedly that was sent to me to test out).  Mascara is one of those very personal purchases as I’ve found over the years all of my girlfriends have their own preferences and lash needs (i.e.: thickening, lengthening… etc.).  I’m actually someone who skips mascara most days of the week as I rub my eyes and hate smearing my eye makeup around.  Not to mention afternoon pregnancy naps and getting black smudges on my pillow case.  This mascara from ILIA however is my ideal mascara!  If you like a thinner brush this one is for you.  I don’t like clumpy, thickening mascara… just something to darken and lengthen, and accentuate my lashes and this one does just that.  Never clumps.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush–I had heard amazing things about Kjaer Weis and finally scooped up this cream blush from the brand that I absolutely love.  I’ve been wearing the shade: Blossoming, which is a pretty rose color for spring / summer.  I like to transition into something a little lighter around this time of year and have been needing a clean blush swap (typically a Nars blush girl).  It’s pricey for sure but the cases are gorgeous (heavy duty!) and refillable.  They’re meant to be an everyday staple in your beauty bag, to get lots of love and be banged up.

RMS Luminizer–I have been wearing the shade: Magic for sometime now and this wasn’t a new purchase but it’s become an everyday staple as I love to add a hint of shimmer on my cheek bones.

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