Beauty Notes: My Day with Net-A-Porter

Last week I flew to Santa Monica for a quick overnight, and the main highlight was getting to spend the day with Net-A-Porter’s Global Beauty Director, Newby Hands, for an afternoon of beauty masterclasses with industry founders: Tata Harper (of natural skincare line, Tata Harper), Tera Peterson (of microcurent facial toning devices, NuFace), Heleyne Mishan-Tamir (of the gorgeous beauty line, Surratt Beauty), and Lucy Goff (from LYMA, the chicest copper supplements that are changing the game). I wasn’t sure how to exactly share the day with you… but then I had multiple girlfriends asking me for the top beauty tips I learned so I thought the best way to share would be to just give you the notes I jotted down straight from my notebook. So here you go! My takeaways from the day. Also as a side note, please book yourself a stay at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel asap. You won’t regret it. Loved!

“Wellness used to be candles in your bathtub… now it is hard work ladies!” ~ Newby Hands, Net-A-Porter Global Beauty Director

Our morning started out on a comical note. Newby Hands made the above remark–oh so true! ha, the face masks, sometimes painful peels, microneedling, zaps etc. we try in hopes of a healthy, clear-skinned, youthful glow! My husband is constantly making fun of the things I do to my face before bed. Case in point, most recently, thanks to Net-A-Porter, I’ve been using the NuFace Trinity Facial Tuning Kit micro current and getting lots of remarks from both Tanner and Rex.

Top Beauty Tips and Takeaways |

  • Invest in really great tools (ie: Surratt Beauty makes the Hermés of brushes)–and make it a ritual to clean them and take care of them and they’ll last you a lifetime.
  • Sleep with silk (eye mask, pillow case) to protect your skin and hair–also keeps frizz under control
  • Use your products from your hairline to your nipples (everything from your spfs to your evening creams)
  • Beauty Myth: that we constantly have to change our products because our skin gets used to them–Tata Harper says this is so not true, and if you find a product that keeps your skin happy stick to it. You’ll see more benefits with long-term use.
  • Daily exfoliation is key (* I continuously hear this one!)–whether with an exfoliating cleanser or resurfacing mask. This helps your skincare products penetrate better.
  • Really slather on your products–give yourself time for your serums and oils to soak in (start getting dressed in-between putting these on) and then layer on your moisturizer and spf

Additional Notes on the Day |

New beauty discovery for me: Surratt Beautysuch a gorgeous line! I’m loving their foundation (cool unique tube)… eye shimmer colors and the perfect nude lip. Also, as mentioned, they have the softest most luxurious brushes that if taken care of properly should last a lifetime.

Thoughts on NuFace: We were given the NuFace Trinity as well as the NuFace lip fix, and I’m going to have to truly test these gadgets for a few months before I give an honest review… but they target the muscles (think that cheekbone lift) and collagen reproduction. Just looking at Willow these days I’m crying for more collagen and a healthy glow like hers so why not give it a try? Main takeaway from Tera about the NuFace was that consistency is key. As Newby mentioned, beauty is hard work ladies! HA.

Just a note on Tata Harper herself… she’s the real deal. This was my first time meeting her and after using her line for years, it’s always so refreshing to meet someone who truly is the real deal (glowing inside and out!) and has been making clean beauty chic for over 10 years.

It’s pretty scary how under-regulated the supplement market is and LYMA has been changing this with peer reviewed supplements that have been proven to boost inner and outer wellness–making you feel your absolute best. The price tag is a little eye opening so again, I want to try for a month before giving a full review but you can learn more about them here. But also they’re copper coated and the prettiest supplement copper canister you’ve ever seen. So there’s that!


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