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We’re all well aware now of the importance of educating ourselves about the products we’re using regularly and most importantly putting on our skin.  And I’ve been slowly working towards making clean(er) beauty swaps.  My skincare regimen is the main area that has gotten more and more clean over the past couple years.  But over these past couple of weeks I also finally, finally gave my make-up bag a much needed overhaul as well.  It was something I had been meaning to do but also was putting off because when you love your foundation, and have your go-to beauty arsenal that works… I don’t know, maybe I was just plain lazy to have to go through the process of trying something new.  I had also tried my fair share of natural foundations and products that weren’t so great so I was under the impression that the options out there just weren’t awesome.  But happy to share some brands and swaps I’ve made that now have me singing a different tune.

First, I’ve rediscovered my love for the brand Ilia Beauty.  I’ve been using Ilia products for years and am such a fan of their lip conditioners (I keep a few backups on hand always) and lip colors (Nobody’s Baby has been my long-time fave for an everyday nude) so it was the first clean beauty brand I turned to when searching for a foundation.  I had read reviews and heard great things about their serum foundation so I thought I’d give it a try.  Such a fan!  If you like a lighter coverage and a foundation that feels and looks like you’re not even wearing makeup like I do then I highly recommend trying.  It’s my favorite clean foundation I’ve tried.  Another beauty brand I’ve rediscovered my love for is: RMS Beauty.  Their highlighter is my favorite, which is a pretty light shimmer for everyday.

 As far as skincare goes, I’m using primarily all True Botanicals (the face and body oils are my favorite, I also really love their body lotion), and continue to discover new clean brands that work for me.  Two additional lines I’m currently also really into are: Susanne Kaufman and Dr. Barbara Sturm.  I was introduced to Susanne Kaufman, a natural skincare line from Austria, a while back as well but recently tried more from her line and have fallen for the hand cream (smells heavenly!) and herbal whey bath especially.  I also just re-bought the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum that is outrageous in price but I believe I mentioned on the blog before that I was sent a bottle and noticed such a significant difference in my skin (smoother tighter skin and really helps my face oils penetrate deeper for the ultimate hydration) that once I ran out I went a few months then realized I just had to rebuy.  Worth the splurge in my opinion!

Lastly, Earth Tu Face.  I first discovered this plant-based skincare line (made locally here in California) when I bought a ridiculously priced lip balm they collaborated with Jenni Kayne on at the JK store over the summer.  It was one of those cases where I tested the sample, fell in love with it, and carried it to the counter to purchase without thinking to look at the price.  Since then I’ve bought two more sticks I’ve loved it that much and have realized the price is justifiable.  If you like herbal smelling products that just feel organic and natural when putting them on then I think you’ll love this line as much as I do too.

Linking all of my current fave clean beauty swaps below…

Clean(er) Non-Toxic Beauty Swaps Clean(er) Non-Toxic Beauty Swaps Clean(er) Non-Toxic Beauty Swaps

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