Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color Transformation

You know how I feel about dyeing my hair (change is always fun and I love it!). So when given the chance to partner with Vidal Sassoon to try out their new Salonist at-home hair color kit and give someone else the joy of a fresh new “do” I quickly volunteered my girl Kelly.

Kelly is (somehow!*) somewhat of a hair dye virgin so this process was especially exciting for her. She had been itching for a change for a while now but as a recent college graduate paying a pretty penny at the salon just hasn’t made sense and with her busy schedule (balancing two jobs at the moment) she has no time to waste at a salon for hours.


After pulling together her dream hair inspiration we both agreed a darker, Megan Fox meets Kiera Knightly, shade of brunette (4/0 Dark Neutral Brown) was the way to go. Sounds hot right? So we made it happen for her!


(The true key to any at home hair dyeing process–follow the directions.)

Since I am clearly the hair color expert in this case, (sorry Kelly!) it was comforting to see pro inspired tools that I typically find in salons like a brush, bowl and colorist gloves. It’s helpful when coloring hair to use a brush for precision at the roots, and then mix the rest of the formula in the bowl to pull through your lengths. This was one of the least messy experiences I’ve ever had with at home dye kits.

I taught Kelly the trick of using petroleum jelly around the hairline to avoid getting dye allover your skin, and to start by brushing the mixed Colour Cream and Colour Activating Lotion at the front of your head and on your roots working your way back (divide your hair into sections as you go.)


Kelly hadn’t dyed her hair in years but she does wear extensions, which were a lighter shade from her natural hair color. The unique thing about Vidal Sassoon Salonist is how advanced the technology is–allowing you to treat the roots and lengths separately for natural looking multidimensional color. Especially knowing we had two different hair color shades to work with, Salonist worked wonders and was really easy to use. The brush and bowl allowed us to bring professional tools and techniques for an experience similar to the salon.


Final Step: Add the serum from packet 2 into the remaining cream and pull through the lengths.


And the waiting game begins… (30 minutes)


Stay tuned for the results… does she look like Megan Fox yet? Thank you to Vidal Sassoon for giving Kelly this gorgeous makeover! If you are interested in making a color transformation, similar to Kelly, leave a comment telling me why for your chance to win a free Salonist kit!

*It’s very odd to me that as a recent college graduate she had never tested out at-home-coloring kits during school. My girlfriends and I dyed each other’s hair so often our dorm shower turned black.

Photography by Ashley Maxwell

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