number one low maintenance beauty step

My #1 Low Maintenance Beauty Secret

It’s all about the brows.  But we all knew that right?  I’ve recently discovered the best kept secret to upping the brow game and it’s been pretty life changing–ready?  Brow tinting!  I thought discovering the brow pencil (this one is my favorite) a few years back was life changing in itself but now my friends, brow tinting is where it’s at.  It’s like waking up with your face on.  I no longer feel the need to darken my brows before heading to a workout class or the grocery store–I can just step out sans makeup and feel like I look somewhat presentable.

My esthetician just tipped me off on this little secret and I can’t believe she’s been hiding this from me these past few years.  I’m also planning to use the time that I’m home with baby to let my brows really grow out in an attempt to thicken them even more.  So why is tinting game changing?  Since I darken and dye my hair on the regular, this makes my brows (that are more of a mousey brown) really pop now.  I simply fill in the patches that don’t grow in and comb up for that Olsen-girls brow look that I love.

_mg_6700 number one low maintenance beauty step

To really take things up a notch, a dab of concealer goes a long way.  Honestly I don’t use concealer on the regular and when I do I’m always reminded that I probably should.


A dab of clear gloss and my low maintenance routine is complete!

number one low maintenance beauty step

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