my new mom beauty routine

New Mom Beauty Routine

I thought my beauty routine was simplified and pretty gosh darn speedy before.  Well life with a babe on board has made it even more so.  It still looks very similar to this 5 minute beauty routine–but dare I say more like a 3 minute routine now?  Two key steps that have made my routine that much faster: 1) air drying my hair, and 2) growing out my brows and having them tinted.  Defining those brows more just makes me feel like I already have my face on.  After that it’s just adding a few products to make me look a bit more awake than I feel (i.e.: hide those tired eyes!).

my new mom beauty routine

I like to opt for foundation or tinted sunscreens with spf built-in so I just have one product to put on in the AM.  This foundation has been my fave for a while now.  I only use about a pea size to cover my problem areas.  It’s just enough coverage without feeling heavy or greasy (kinda somewhere between a foundation and a little more than a tinted-sunscreen), and hasn’t made me breakout so it’s a sure winner in my book.  It’s honestly the same amount of coverage I wear to walk to coffee as I do to an event.  Too much foundation just doesn’t feel right to me.

my new mom beauty routine

Key step!  The brows.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I put in the time to grow mine out even more recently.  Seriously, do it if you’re into Olsen-like full brows too.  Growing them even fuller and tinting them has been a game changer in my routine.  (I don’t wear anything else on the eyes daily).  Then after that it’s really just adding a touch of color.  And that’s where the blush comes in.  I think no matter how many blushes I try I’ll keep coming back to Orgasm by NARS.  It’s just so good, right?

my new mom beauty routinemy new mom beauty routine

Tip to air drying your hair | My hairdresser told me to comb your hair in the shower but don’t comb it once you’re out.  Just towel dry, put in any product you like and let it air dry.  If your hair is thicker you can try putting it in a braid for those loose waves.

my new mom beauty routine

After letting it air dry I tame the frizzy locks with a touch of hair oil and fluff it up a bit with texturing dry spray.

my new mom beauty routinemy new mom beauty routinemy new mom beauty routine

For just the everyday I wear clear gloss.  I love this lip conditioner and always have a stick in my purse.

my new mom beauty routine

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