On Growing Out My Brows

Oh the things we do for beauty.  Growing your brows out is a painful process… not going to lie.  It takes patience and willpower not to pluck those awkward hairs!–but is oh so worth it in the end.  Now 9+ months in (of just letting them grow wild), and I’m pretty gosh darn pleased with the thicker results.  (You can see the difference from this post when I also discovered the power of brow tinting.)  I’ve received a lot of questions, and I wish I had some secret to share here but it just takes time.  My esthetician did give me a brow gel that I used nightly for growth, but I think it’s more about putting down the tweezers.  (Also super important to go to an amazing brow gal that you trust to trim them during your grow out phase.  I can’t recommend Gaby from Mosaic Salon here in Sacramento enough.  She’s amazing and all around just the best!)

And not that there’s necessarily a good time to choose to grow your brows out, but the last few months of my pregnancy and first few months after Rex was born (a.k.a. when you might be more in hibernation / baby mode) turned out to be perfect for that phase.

Another tip to help the grow out phase–powder to fill-in the gaps and a colored brow gel.  I’ve tried a bunch of products when it comes to brows and currently really love Elke products which I get through Gaby, but I’m also a fan of Glossier’s Boy Brow to thicken and darken as well.

Now there are all kinds of amazing brows.  Why did I want to go thicker?  I wanted to go back to the old me.  Pre-high school, over plucking me.  To the brows I had as a young girl.  Have you heard the hair color you’re born with is the color that suits you the best?  Well I think the thicker brows I had as a young girl suit me the best too.  Maybe we should just all revert to our five year old selves.  I’ll take my five year old freckled and blemish free skin too.


Photography | Stephanie Russo

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