Pregnancy Self-Care Routine (And the products I love)

Pregnancy Self-Care (And The Body Products I’m Using)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I haven’t been great about self-care this pregnancy.  Those daily afternoon naps when I was pregnant with Rex sound like such a luxury of the past to me now.  My “me time” definitely gets pushed to the side when it comes to my time with Rex.  And honestly in a way, my time with him although not always blissful motherhood moments… really is part of my wellness routine as it’s by far the best hours of my day.  It’s the time I put away all electronics and am just on the floor / playing and being silly or outdoors and any kind of stress just vanishes.  At least I try my best to leave it all behind!  And that’s so good for us too!  I don’t think balance (motherhood and work/life)  is a real thing, but you do what you can and sometimes being a present and fun mom means letting other things slip which is often downtime for myself.  It is what it is but I wouldn’t give up my time with Rex or T for anything!

So even though I’m not getting in those afternoon naps and indulgent evening baths on the regular (I did just take my first bath in months this week and it felt really amazing so note to self–make time for that)… here are some alternative ways I’ve been feeding that “self-care” void lately:

1.  Making healthy meals and trying new recipes which is my favorite way to unwind in the evenings.  This is a nice one because I can do it while Rex is playing in the same room or he sometimes helps me in the kitchen too.  I put on my favorite tunes and just get in that chilled-out zone.  

2. Listening to podcasts during my longer drives

3. My evening nighttime routine using my favorite stretchmark oils (see below!)

4.  Reading before bed or Game of Thrones binges with Tanner  (I’m trying to play catch-up before the new season although I am still only on season two so I have a long way to go!)

5.  Scheduling  dates with my sister / girlfriends.  I always say it but girl-time always feeds my soul the most!

6. And while not exactly self-care… but being better about scheduling dedicated work time which allows for more disconnecting time too.  Again I’m not always great about this but I’ve gotten a lot better since joining a co-working space and working outside of the house a few days a week.

7.  Afternoon cups of tea 

8. And overall just not being too hard on myself.  I’m such a people pleaser but I just have to realize I can’t do it all / please everyone! 

Pregnancy Self-Care (And The Body Products I'm Using)

Linking all of my go-to body oils and potions that I’ve been slathering on and loving this pregnancy below.  Some I discovered recently and a few I used during my pregnancy with Rex (ie: African Botanicals stretchmark oil which smells SO amazing–a splurge for sure but super luxurious! As well as Tata Harper’s body oil which has been a fave body oil for years).  I have used a few Erbaviva products over the years but kind of forgot about the line until I started using it on Rex and then picked up some of their pregnancy products for myself which I love.  The price point is much friendlier as well.  Their strechmark oil is my fave from the line.  Lastly, Earth Tu Face is a line I’ve mentioned a bunch here now but I’ve fallen for everything.  Their body lotion smells amazing and is by far my favorite clean lotion out there.  I also like True Botanicals as well but have to say I prefer the rose scent of Earth Tu Face one.  And the Earth Tu Face Coconut and Cardmum body butter is my fave body butter (whether pregnant or not).

Pregnancy Self-Care (And The Body Products I'm Using)

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