My 30 Day Skin Transformation with SK-II

 My skin shows last night’s glass of wine, Rex’s 4am wakeup, and any Inn-and-Out road trip splurges more than ever now.  There’s just no hiding it and it’s a total bummer.  I guess I’m really not in my 20’s anymore.  Also, a couple months after having Rex I remember glancing in the mirror before leaving the house only to be seriously shocked by the number of fine lines and sun spots staring back at me in the mirror.  A couple of girlfriends had warned me about this (the changes in your skin) after having a baby and unfortunately they were right.

I’ve always been interested in wellness, clean eating and taking care of my skin but I’ve been focusing more and more on the products I use, and my skincare routine over the past couple years (as I entered my 30’s); especially post baby.  I find that I’m constantly quizzing my girlfriends but what works best for me is a healthy diet, lots and lots of water, and a simplified regimen of just a few really amazing products.  Since I prefer a simple makeup routine I really devote more effort into my skin regimen.  I like to be able to roll out of the house with as little on as possible and want to always feel good about doing so.

After I realized how my skin’s been looking post baby I decided to go on the #OneBottleAwayFrom journey with SK-II–on a quest to amazing skin.  After documenting a month or so of diligently using SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence both morning and night, it’s now a product I will never cut from my routine.  This “miracle water” is ultra-hydrating, enhances youthful skin, softens and refines pores, repairs and maintains skin’s elasticity, evens skin tone and creates resilience to wrinkles.  It’s seriously amazing but I think what I’ve noticed the most is how much it’s softened any appearance of fine lines (which I had felt were more noticeable after having Rex).   After a thirty day trial of using the Facial Treatment Essence, I have definitely seen such a difference.

Made of 90% Pitera–an ingredient that is derived from a unique yeast strain from a natural sake fermentation–was discovered in Japan nearly 40 years ago. Pitera promotes the skin’s natural rejuvenation process and balances your skin’s moisture for overall hydration and glow.

The Facial Treatment Essence is meant to be used daily, both morning and night.  It is the very first step after washing your skin.  I’ll pat on the miracle water (I use my palms to pat on my face and neck so I can get the most of the product–I also rub the remainder on the backs of my hands because this stuff is basically liquid gold), then follow with my favorite face oils and moisturizer (in the evening, a serum).  It absorbs quickly and I love how refreshing this step feels.  The essence really preps the skin for the rest of the products.  I didn’t think I’d notice as much of a difference as I have but on the days I’ve skipped this step my skin feels dull.

Now after a 30-day trial I can honestly say my skin is glowy-ier and more refined. I am one bottle away from amazing skin!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SK-II. The opinions and text are all mine.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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