Skin Secrets {RODIN olio lusso}

I’ve battled skin issues for what seems like forever. Acne, dry skin, oily – you name it, I’ve dealt with it (fun stuff). Moving from the west coast to the east I was slightly nervous in regards to what this may mean for my skin and my routine. Oddly enough, even with the slight humidity we’ve been experiencing my skin tends to have dry patches (as well as oily) so when given the chance to test out RODIN olio lusso I jumped on it. I will admit, I was a little leery to rub oil on my sensitive, acne prone skin but after just a few drops a day (both morning and night) my skin is brighter than ever, soft, and believe it or not, completely non-greasy! I’m more than positive this stuff will be my savior come the dead of winter. 

While the results have been awesome for me and I encourage you to try it, miracle potions don’t necessarily come in bottle form. I’m a true advocate of a healthy diet and lifestyle for the best skin results. I prefer a simple skin care routine mixed with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and water. Random Fact: I gave up dairy in college and switched to soy/almond products which I’ve found has helped with my breakouts. I’ve had a difficult time giving up cheese but I find my skin looks best when I skip dairy completely (yep, it’s rough). 

What skin secrets/products do you swear by – I’m so curious to know?! 

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