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Sleek On-the-Go Hair

Three of my closest girlfriends and I all just turned 30 this past month and another dozen of my girlfriends within the year. We’ve all been saying it (pumping each other up for this next decade), but I honestly think it’s true–we’re hitting our prime. And I’m not sure if it’s simply a lot of experimentation or just comes with learning a few more hair and beauty tricks over the years, but all of the ladies in my life keep getting better and better looking with age.

It only took me some 20+ years of battling those awkward frizzy curls in high school and dyeing my hair from blonde to black to get here, but I think I’ve finally found what might look the best on me. Partnering with Nexxus New York Hair Care over the course of the past few months and learning more about my hair type has been one of the best things I could have done for my locks. Not only have I discovered the importance of hair masks, oils, and finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair but they encouraged me to play with the middle part, taught me the best way to achieve that natural wave, and I’ve also freshened things up in the color department with hints of apricot.

alicia lund nexxus new york hair care

On top of all that, I’ve finally mastered a simplified routine for sleek and easy on-the-go hair. Key: wash your hair the night before. I’ll let my hair air dry almost all the way, then zap it at the roots and blow the rest straight before hitting the pillow. Sleeping on my hair for a night helps reduce the frizz–making the second day (or even the third) look the best for that straighter look. I’ll run a few drops of Nexxus New York Hair Nourishing Hair Oil through my hair before bed and again on my ends before styling in the morning for extra shine.

alicia lund nexxus new york hair care

Another key product I’ve discovered which has helped mask any split ends and adds to that sleek look is Nexxus New York’s Split End Binding Leave in Crème. It moisturizes my ends with instant fresh from the salon results (saving me in-between cuts)!

alicia lund nexxus new york hair care

Here are my go-to products for a sleek and easy on-the-go style…

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