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Summer Face Masks

29 July

With 30 quickly approaching I’ve been extra mindful of my skincare routine. Besides always wearing spf, incorporating a glycolic face wash as well as ultra-moisturizing products have been my secret this summer when battling my dry and acne prone skin. In addition, I’ve also been more diligent about my at home “mini facials”–which basically means I put on a face mask and take a little extra time applying my creams and/or retinol A before heading to bed. This is the first summer I’ve really realized the power of moisturizing masks after a long day in the dry heat and thought I’d share which ones I’ve been all about.

charlotte tilbury magic cream

First up, the miracle balm I swear by from Charlotte Tilbury. I must have mentioned this balm before but if not, apologies, because you need to know about it! I bought this balm while in New York this past February and not only relied on it to save my skin through the east coast wind chill but have also found it to be my go-to after long days spent in the sun. I apply a thin layer, finish up some emails or the dishes, wash off and it’s hello baby soft skin! I’ll even sleep with it on if I’m lazy, although I don’t actually recommend this as it can be a little sticky against the pillow. My second go-to moisturizing mask this summer has been from Glossier. I just like how light this one is. Both have been the perfect 20 minute moisturizing pick-me ups my skin needs after too much time in the sun.

tata harper resurfacing mask and glossier mega greens galaxy pack mask

This “green” trio has been in rotation for the days my skin is broken out, oily or just plain dull. Tata Harper’s honey blossom resurfacing mask reminds me of the DIY-at home honey masks I would make in high school and achieve a similar nourishing yet cleansing result. Remember my french pharmacy haul? Well it’s a toss up between which green mask I love most: Vichy vs. Glossier… go!

rodin face oil evian face mist clarions sunscreen

After washing off my mask I’ll mist a little evian spray (so refreshing), dab some Rodin on my cheeks, and finish with Clarins spf (if headed back outside later), Kiehl’s eye cream and a moisturizing lip conditioner. I’m currently all about this one from Caudalie as well as this one from Glossier. Love the faint coconut scent!

What, if any, masks are you into this summer–would love to compare notes!

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