Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spa

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spa

A while back one of my girlfriends mentioned that she was trying to make her bathroom as spa-like as possible (she had a tiny NY apartment and was giving the most love to her bathroom)–to be her little oasis.  Smart!!  That’s stuck with me ever since, and I remembered her saying that again more recently as I’ve been on a kick to do just that… but also making our bedroom a calming end of the day retreat too.

We all know a new mom–all moms–just desperately wants her sleep!!  And thankfully Willow has been such a great little sleeper so I really can’t complain at all but still, toddler and newborn life is exhausting in itself and I’ll take all the zzz’s I can get.  Which is why I’ve been all about my bedtime routine lately and little ways to improve my evening rituals for a more restorative evening’s sleep.  I’ve got my cup of sleepy time tea next to me as I type and am slathering on the essential oils.  Here’s what I’ve been all about…


1.  It all started with this stone diffuser that was actually given to Tanner, but I quickly snagged for my side of the bed.  (True Love: he even refills the water and essential oils for me when it’s out).  It diffuses lavender throughout our room which is just the very best.  It’s one of those items that I would absolutely never buy but now that I have one I’m obsessed.  It also has a night light which is nice for seeing Willow better in the evenings.

2. Speaking of Willow, another item we were so kindly gifted that has added to our zen-like bedroom state: a SNOO.  My in-laws surprised us with the SNOO before Willow was born and I could write a whole review on all of the reasons why I love this smart crib, but for the purpose of this post I’ll just share that I love the white noise it makes.  Spa-like white-noise sounds making this a strong #2.  I’m really going to miss the sound when we have to retire it from our room and will in fact be buying a white noise machine to replace it. (This is the one we have always used for Rex.)

3. Then I got into pillow sprays.  Again, tipped off years ago from another girlfriend but got serious about this one just recently again.  To back up, I was staying at my gf’s place a few years back in New York and she had sprayed her pillows with rose water.  Um talk about a nice welcome for guests!  I remember thinking “okay who does this?”… and “of course, only she would do this”… I went home and ordered rose water off Amazon thinking I’m going to start doing this, but that bottle sat in my laundry room for years.  I think it’s still in there somewhere.  But now look at me…. spritzing my pillows at night with Susanne Kaufmann’s pillow spray.  So much so that Tanner says he’s choking, so you really need to be careful with that one, ha.  But you really could make your own spray to spritz anywhere around the house.  Just water and some drops of essential oils.

4. Essential Oils!  I’ve long been a fan of oils, as you guys know I talk about my love for them all the time.  Two recent oils I’ve added to my routine are from True Botanicals (also as you know a fave brand).  They just launched a small batch limited collection of CBD products–a bath soak and oil.  They sent me the body oil to try and I’ve since bought two more bottles on my own that I’m giving as gifts.  I love it that much.  I keep raving to Tanner that I’ve been sleeping so well! I’ve specifically been rubbing on my temples at night because I get a lot of tension headaches and it’s worked wonders.  I also rub on my shoulders because lifting Rex and Willow these days is quite the workout. I was also in the True Botanicals store this week while in San Francisco and tested their aromatherapy rolls and brought home #2 with me which smells so calming and lovely to roll on before bedtime.  Highly recommend stopping into their store to try (they have 10 rolls that aren’t on their site but are in store).

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