winter evening beauty routine

Winter Evening Skincare Routine

Whether I’m home or traveling, I am super strict about sticking to my skincare regime as I have such sensitive and acne prone skin. I actually really enjoy a lengthy bedtime routine though as it helps me unwind from the day.

My skin is a constant struggle but the key for me is diet, sleep, lots of water (lately it’s been hot lemon water in the morning and after dinner too which aids digestion) and exercise. I wish I could give up caffeine and alcohol but let’s be honest, that’s just not going to happen. Overall, if I’m consistent with my evening regime then my skin is happy! In partnership with Bioré, I’m sharing my winter bedtime routine as I’ve recently been incorporating their charcoal pore minimizer as one of my key steps.

Step 1: Remove makeup with an oil cleanser and steaming hot washcloth (key!)  ||  Step 2: Depending on your skin needs, but on days I need to dry out some problem spots I wash with a gentle glycolic face wash (I like Dermaquest) ||  Step 3: Wash off with a hot washcloth (again key for me for really removing the makeup).  ||  Step 4: I incorporate a light scrub 2-3 nights a week for gentle exfoliation (currently using: Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimizer). Steps 2-4 and the use of washcloths in my evening routine have been a game changer for my skin but I don’t use the glycolic face wash and scrub on the same nights.  ||  Step 5: Incorporating a retinol into my evening routine has helped my acne / cell turnover. I spot dab or you can use on entire face–again, depending on your skin.  ||  Step 6: This clear lotion is the ideal base before moisturizing or I like to dab a few drops of face oil (also a big fan of) on my cheeks which are always drier.  ||  Step 7. Finish with a moisturizer (Glossier makes a great lightweight one–and for more of a splurge I love) and gloss on the lips.

Video production by Eric Brown in collaboration with Bioré ~ filmed at The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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