my winter skincare routine

My Winter Skincare and Beauty Routine

After some requests for an updated skincare routine post-baby (my pregnancy beauty routine can be found here)… I’ve finally rounded it all up. So here you go–my winter skincare and beauty routine (plus, with a few bonuses like what I’ve been using on my hair and body too). Although, spoiler alert, not much has changed! I found that keeping things as simple as possible while pregnant worked best for my skin. Focusing on a really thorough cleansing routine and also being careful to let my skin breath a few days a week without wearing makeup seems to make all the difference. I’m still super pro oils over here especially during these harsh, drying winter months. I’ve incorporated a mild retinol cream back into my routine (that, if I’m being honest, I typically forget to use weekly… but I should be using a few times a week). Lots of water, a colorful diet (things I know you know!) and all of the healthy tips my esthetician recommended here. I try to be good about drinking my morning lemon water and I eat a daily avocado. I mean, a daily avocado all in the name of dewy skin? Twist my arm. (I also tell myself this when I’m craving a spoonful of coconut oil straight from the jar… eeks, does that sound disgusting? yes I’m totally admitting this.) I also treat myself to a monthly facial for that deep cleanse and did one intense laser peel treatment (Fraxel) before the holidays. I can share more on that later if anyone is interested.


Evening Cleansing:  Face Oil or Balm 

I love a good face oil to remove my makeup. Since discovering the benefits of a three step cleansing process (face oil for removing makeup, then face wash, and a toner to prep skin for product) my skin has been clearer than ever.

Products: I’ve tried so many great and not so great face oils and balms… my favorite currently is this one from Sunday Riley. I’m currently all out, but I love and have mentioned this balm before as it exfoliates as well so it’s great for the evening routine. African Botanics makes a great one and Clinic also makes a great cleansing balm for a more affordable option.

After dissolving the makeup, wash face with a gentle face wash (currently using Tula). I use a hot clean washcloth which gives a gentle exfoliation as well while cleansing. (I use an actual face scrub about twice a week in the winter.)

Morning Cleansing:  

If I used retinol products the night before then I’ll wash with a light cleanser in the AM, otherwise I’ll just rinse with water. I have zero time in the morning with Rex so I typically nix a crazy morning routine. And so straight onto the moisturizing it is.

Products: A great light morning time cleanser is this one (or I’ll use whatever lightweight cleanser I have on rotation)

My Winter Skincare Routine


After cleansing, I start with a few drops of B5 all over to lock in moisture, then apply my moisturizer.  I switch to something heavier in the winter, at least for the evenings and am still a big fan of Goop’s Overnight Cream which is a clean beauty line by Juice Beauty.  So you can feel good about that.  And for day moisture I’m currently using and love this Sunday Riley one with Vitamins C which fights aging.

My Winter Skincare Routine My Winter Skincare Routine


After moisturizing I lock everything in with a few drops of face oil.  (I’ll reapply throughout the day if needed too.)  Take time to breath in the oils on the tips of your fingers before you pat your face.  This is my favorite part of the routine.  Ah!

Product: I have been a long time fan of Rodin Olio Lusso oils and especially love her new oil with Geranium and Orange Blossom (smells so citrusy fresh!).  And I’ve discovered an amazing eye oil!  UMA.  Just a few drops is all you need when it comes to oils so although pricey, they last a long time.

My Winter Skincare Routine My Winter Skincare Routine My Winter Skincare Routine

Diet, Vitamins, Probiotics etc:

As mentioned, I notice such a difference in my skin when I’m eating clean and drinking my H20.  But I also take a daily probiotic, and women’s multivitamin.  I like a couple brands of vitamins that I get at our local Co-Op that are raw whole food vitamins (Garden of Life and these).  I discovered it while pregnant and have continued taking but just switching from the prenatal to the women’s.  I also take a daily fish pill (was out of it for the pic), and try to drink a morning smoothie with other skin goodies / benefits packed in.

My glowing skin smoothie:  Also totally a calorie bomb

1/2 Avocado

1/2 banana

1 cup spinach

1 cup almond / coconut milk

1 tbsp coconut oil  or 1 tbsp Essential Women’s oil

1 tbsp almond butter

dash of flax seed

2 dates

Sometimes I’ll add cultured coconut milk which is basically the cream of the coconut to thicken!  OMG it’s so yum.  Blend and it tastes like a dessert.

My Winter Skincare Routine


A thick body cream!  I have such dry skin in the winter.  My go-to body cream is from Jo Malone.  So luxurious!  Also, I shave using their body oil which helps my crazy dry skin as well.

My Winter Skincare Routine


For haircare I wash at least every other day… usually going a couple days is more my speed.  Wash with really great shampoo and conditioner to really clean your scalp.  I’ve learned over the years it’s important to switch up your hair routine and products and use the good stuff.  Kérastase is amazing for hair care and Oribe for styling.  When I get out of the shower I spritz on this Kérastase oil, brush through and either air dry (as much as possible) or blow dry.

Styling Product of choice right now–which is not for everyone so be careful!  But if you want to achieve a messy hair look, like I hate my hair right after it’s been blown dry… it’s a little too smooth and perfect.  So I like to mess it up so it looks more day 2 if that makes sense?  This Oribe textured mousse is perfect for that.  Just use a tiny bit and crunch into dry hair.  It’s super sticky and not for everyone so tread lightly in this zone!  But if you have wavy / curly hair like I do and prefer the messier look then you may like it as well.

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