Curating a Capsule Fall / Winter Wardrobe: My 12 Musts

29 November

I was recently asked about curating a capsule wardrobe which I could write several posts on depending on the season, but since I’m wearing three of my personal fall / winter “capsule” musts here I thought I’d take a moment to list some of my seasonal closet staples.  I think what’s most important as I’ve gotten older and have really defined my style, is knowing what looks best on my body and equally if not most importantly, what I feel the most comfortable in.  I know the brands that work on me and which ones don’t.  Filling my closet with foundational basics that are flattering and comfy means I will pull for these wardrobe staples again season after season.  Then of course it’s fun to pick up trendy of the moment pieces here and there or designer favorites to mix in.

When thinking about a capsule wardrobe and investment pieces I think it’s important to think about the number of ways you will style the pieces and how new purchases will work with what you already own.  And continually editing your closet and redefining your style will make you feel your very best!

My Edit for the perfect Fall / Winter Capsule Wardrobe…

1. A classic camel trench (loving the tie detail on this under $150 one) which is really a year round staple.  Key for dressing up and down.  A great camel trench can take you from the office, to looking chic while running errands, picking your kids up from school, to date night.

2.  High-rise denim.  Now after having a baby I almost only wear high-rise as it’s the most flattering on me.  It’s all about finding the cut and denim brand that works for you though.

3.  A comfy cropped sweater to go with said high-rise denim.

4. Black Pant.  (non-denim–could be leather, wool, or suede depending on your style but something dressier than denim).

5.  Flat black boot.  One that works for all occasions.  This is one of my long-time faves for everyday.  Can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses and is super comfy.

6.  Patterned dress or skirt.  Really love a dark floral print!

7.  Black slip dress.

8.  Denim jacket.

9.  Leather jacket.

10. Medium-sized black bag or tote.

11.  The perfect white-tee for layering and just pairing back to your denim.

12.  Black or grey turtleneck.

Also might sound silly but having my photo taken for this blog has really helped me visualize what works and what doesn’t.  Sometime it takes seeing a photo of yourself to realize that a certain silhouette just isn’t working or that yes, you should get that jacket length shortened… believe me it happens all the time.  Could be worth a selfie-moment if you’re unsure as well!

The Look |  Topshop Trench + Cropped Sweater.  AGOLDE Jeans.  Dolce Vita Mules (first seen here).

Thank you to Nordstrom for collaborating on this post!

Photography | Stephanie Russo




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