Bath Time Fun + Our Love for Cetaphil’s Baby Line

29 August

Thank you to Cetaphil for sponsoring this post–review and thoughts are my own.


I’ve shared my love for bath time here previously… but now at 9 months Rex is obsessed with the water.  And now that he’s eating solids (i.e.: making a huge mess and getting food in all of the crazy places, like behind his ears and smeared across the back of his head) and crawling, daily baths are an absolute must.  When we’re more limited on time I love that I can just easily pop him in the sink.  He tries to grab the water as it comes out of the faucet and is so curious why he can’t.  I love watching him splash around with a big grin on his face as he happily chats away.  It’s probably the cutest thing ever and is hands down one of my most favorite mom joys and moments of the day.

As a long trusted brand for my husband and I (Tanner only uses Cetaphil products–period), we’ve been trying Cetaphil’s baby line of washes, creams and lotions which have quickly become some of our absolute faves for Rex.  Their baby products are all paraben free, colorant free, mineral oil free, hypoallergenic, gentle, and formulated specifically just for babies.  This is a sponsored post but I honestly can’t recommend the line enough–and if you’ve used the products yourself you know how great and gentle Cetaphil is.  Rex was super dry for a period and I thought it was most likely the summer heat but after trying Cetaphil products his skin went right back to baby soft.  Cetaphil even has a line specifically made to treat baby eczema (for 3 months and up) that’s really great.

While I love the entire line if I had to recommend just a few products to pick up they would be…

1) Wash & Shampoo (smells super good too!)

2) Baby Ultra Soothing Lotion with Shea Butter (nice and light but great for dry and sensitive skin).  I personally snag this one from Rex’s stash.

 3) Diaper Cream (with calming Calendula and Vitamin B5 and E)

4 ) I’ll always be a bar soap fan myself and find that there’s something really easy about grabbing for this bar (when you only have one hand available [the other holding Rex] sometimes opening the tube of body wash can be a tricky task).  It doesn’t strip the skin unlike some bar soaps and has never dried him out.  Also Rex enjoys playing with it… of course.

If you’d like to give Cetaphil products a try, you can click here to save.

Thank you to Cetaphil for collaborating on this post!

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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