Day-In-The-Life: Syllabus

15 April

The biggest struggle–or juggle–for me right now as a young biz owner and partner, is running a store and managing a team from afar (as I live 2 hours from Syllabus). Thankfully our Syllabus family (my biz partners and our awesome team of shop girls) is making my life easier (including this kick a$$ lady). I typically head to Chico once a week (my current day is Thursday) for a busy day of re-merchandizing, partner and team meetings, events, and styling. It’s a whirlwind and most days I’m thinking what have I gotten myself into but on the flip side, the role of buying for a store is hands down my dream job, and gives me the opportunity to travel and do what I love most!

I was so flattered when the sweet Rachel from The Style Line (we met a couple years back through the Tumblr community in NY) asked to feature Syllabus. You can read more about my day-in-the-life below and the store here. And just a warning, be sure to set aside sometime because you will definitely get lost in her archives… so many inspiring interviews (I especially love this feature on one of our favorite jewelry teams)!


(Shop Girl Nique in a chic and classic IRO romper)

6:30am | Rise and shine and get ready for the day

7am | Check emails, read my favorite sites and news

8am | Almond milk cappuccino from The Mill in Sacramento (my roadie for the 2 hour drive)

9am | While eating my cheerios and blueberries I’ll take a call or two

10am | Arrive at the store and check-in with the girls. Re-merchandize new items, re-dress the mannequins, and usually change myself

11am | The store opens


12pm | Lunch date with my mama (I try to see her every Thursday when I’m in town)

1pm | Meeting to plan the fashion show for a local charity that Syllabus is sponsoring / I’m styling

2pm | Check-in coffee date with my biz partner, Aveed

3pm | Back at the store and choosing new pieces from local jewelry designer: Billy Sky (we can’t keep them in)


4pm | Check emails, hang with the girls, chat with and help customers

5pm | After the girls have inventoried any new shipments we re-merchandise some more and display the new goods


6pm | Store closes and the team meeting begins

7pm | Partner meeting to discuss online strategy and game plan (operation website!)

8pm | I either spend the night and have dinner with the parentals or hit the road (lately I’ve been hitting the road depending on my Friday AM schedule and to maximize my time with my guy)

Photography by Katie Rain

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