Elevating the Everyday | A Sweetly Slow Summer

Re-sharing this post from last summer as our world is feeling very similar these days and I’ve been taking more time off-line to truly appreciate these slow summer days with Rex and Willow.

A glimpse at my sweetly slow summer–and what I like to call elevating the everyday!  We’re spending a lot of time local and it’s been just the best.  Newborn world can be unpredictable and so I wanted to keep my summer calendar as empty as possible.  As soon as our Willow proved to us that she could go with the flow though we started booking some mini getaways and have been loving our spontaneous weekends.  On days we’re home and it’s just me, Rex and Willow I’ve been trying to make our morning or afternoons special for my own sanity.  Whether that’s breaking out of our normal routine, avocado toast and hot chocolate dates in the morning or afternoon picnics in the backyard that include fudgesicles and happy hour (for me).

Summer Chill Playlist here


Easy summer style… cutoffs, tee + neon manicure.

Bring out the pretty stuff to make everyday occasions feel special…  I think it’s good to teach your babes to appreciate your special pieces–Rex loves drinking out of “breakable glasses.”

Summer Drink to Make  |  Sangria recipe courtesy of Rex–crisp cold glass of chardonnay + fruit of your choice

Play  |  Bring out the yard games… our favorite: cornhole.  Cards or board games to enjoy in that late afternoon sunshine.

Dirty fingernails is always a sign of a summer day well spent.

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