#10Things -- April 19

10 Things | April 19

Easter sort of crept up on me this year… because, well, I’ve been cooking a baby and a bit preoccupied (some last minute Easter basket ideas here though if you missed it!).  But it’s a holiday I’ve always loved so much!  Traditions of going to church as a family on Easter Sunday and an early morning egg hunt in search for a long-eared bunny are all some of my fondest memories.  I’m particularly looking forward to this Easter as it will be the first that Rex actually understands what is happening–although he caught on quickly and did get pretty into the egg hunt last year.  This weekend I’m planning a brunch for our parents, and I am looking forward to a low-key weekend and day revolving around dyeing eggs, thoughtful yummy dishes, family, and watching Rex sprint around our yard.  Hope yours is restful as well!  And now, #10Things from my week… xx
1.  Wow, such a heartbreaking week for Paris!  I feel so lucky to have just seen the Notre-Dame Cathedral in all her glory this past January while in Paris.  Although I have to admit we didn’t go inside this time because we had in the past.  We’re kicking ourselves now, and it’s a great reminder never to take things for granted!
2.  Brand to know: Merlette.  I have been crushing on this dress for a while now.
3.  Misha Nonoo’s apartment in the current issue of Porter Magazine.  Woah… dreamy!  Get your hands on the mag if you don’t subscribe to it already, it’s a must.
4.  Artifact Uprising is running a super sweet deal–you can send four free Mother’s Day cards.  I’m ruining the surprise here for my mama as I just sent a few cards off myself but it’s too good not to share!  I love that they’re doing this.  (Artifact Uprising has been getting lots of love in these #10Things lists lately btw… if you missed last week I just got some images back that I had printed).
5.  I shared this over on IG this week but I found a new-to-me tinted sunscreen that I love from Suntegrity.  It’s great on its own for everyday but also works well as a primer under makeup.  I discovered it while at Credo Beauty and, if you’re not familiar with the clean beauty store (Credo), they have super high standards for the lines they carry so it’s a great place to go and discover new non-toxic / clean beauty products.  (They’re located on Fillmore Street in SF–but have 8 other locations as well that might be near you).
PS: Also got quite a few DM’s about the rest of the Suntegrity line and that the Suntegrity Natural Self Tanner is the only self tanner some of you will use!  So curious to try now.
6.  I’m planning to dye eggs with Rex today and mine never turn out very vibrant when I’ve played around with natural dyeing in the past.  But my friend Erica has a great Natural Dyeing Tutorial.
7.  For my pregnant ladies, I’ve been using the meditation app Expectful in the evening that has really helped me sleep!  My husband makes fun of it when she’s talking to me and, sure it is a little cheesy, but it really has helped me get in the zone and I’m out like a light in no time.  I also like listening to one of the meditations upon waking as well.
8.  Circe has been sitting on my nightstand for a few weeks now.  Hoping to finally crack into it once I have some more downtime before / post babe.  Have you read it?  I keep hearing great things.
9.  A natural toothpaste that I totally picked up because I thought the branding was cool but I really love the mild ginger mint taste.
10.  Oooh hey–Pinterest just went public! And honestly I’ve been pouring more love into my own Pinterest boards over the past couple of months and it’s been a refreshing source of inspiration again.  Especially in these days of annoying Instagram algorithms and feeling like your content doesn’t get seen.  Photos all from my latest pins above!

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