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10 Things | April 26 – On All Things Eco

This week was a warm one–up to the 80’s which made me very happy!  So nice to get some sunshine and be able to wear flowy dresses everyday as this bump is making me feel very large!  I’ve been in full-on nesting mode, tackling that todo list before baby girls’ arrival… which feels really, really good.  All of those projects you put off for months you know, just until the very end.  Why? Ha!

Rex and I have been spending lazy afternoons in our yard and I’ve been working to spruce things up for the season.  Planting some fresh herbs, cleaning up our patio furniture for al fresco dining, and pulling lots of weeds.  Since Monday was Earth Day–and well every day we should be thankful for her beauty… today’s #10Things is a bit eco inspired!


1.  You know I’m all about my seasonal floral arrangements.  Whether clipped from our yard or treating myself to a weekly bunch, I always love to fill our home with pretty blooms which is why I especially loved this “Spring Floral Encyclopedia” over on Rip + Tan this week.


2.  I’ve been curious to try this baby bubble bath / shampoo line: Wiley Baby.  It’s a clean line (actually for the entire family, not just baby) and the branding is cute too so it’s a product you don’t mind having out on display.  Have you tried it?!


3. You know about my love for this ecological and sustainable sneaker brand Veja!  Someone asked me in my DM’s over on Instagram about this style and I lost the DM… so I’m hoping they’ll find the link here!  So cute!


4.  One of my biggest pet peeves is wasted food and especially now with a toddler all of those half-eaten meals I just feel terrible about tossing.  I’ve been wanting to be better about composting for a while now and just ordered this Bamboo Compost Bin.  It’s good looking so you could even keep it out on display if you wanted.  (Just google to find out about your city’s composting programs!  Sacramento has a whole handy guide.).

5.  Linking some of my fave sustainable / eco products below–like net bags (for groceries, perfect for summer picnics or bringing your lunch to work), bulk canisters (chic enough to keep on display) and reusable ziplock bags / straws.


6.  The owners of The General Store (one of my absolute favorite stores to visit when in the Outer Sunset–and who I love to follow on IG for their beautiful aesthetic) released their book Abode–all about thoughtful living with less.  It’s especially worth picking up if you are currently going through a remodel or thinking of remodeling your home as it’s filled with tips on creating a beautiful, thoughtful (everything has a purpose), and minimal space.


7.  Speaking of The General Store–it’s one of my go-to’s for cute baskets!  Love this one for farmer’s markets, a cute summer tote, or around the yard.  And I have various sizes of this style basket that I use as trash bins in our bathrooms and catch-alls for Rex’s toys.


8.  Reduce plastic, go glass.  An obvious one.  But I’ve really tried to cut down on the amount of plastic I buy… the easiest way is drinking out of mason jars at home and using glass reusable canisters.


9.  Speaking of mason jars!  I’ve been making fun water combinations to help me drink more H20.  There’s the usual lemon water, but I also really love grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon water.  Rex loves my fruity “combos” as he calls them too!


10.  Nine months pregnant is not necessarily a time to be super excited about getting dressed in the morning.  But it really has helped me cut down on my shopping.  I haven’t wanted to buy anything new yet because I don’t actually know what I’ll be fitting into this summer.  I think each season is a great time to reevaluate your closet and think about new ways to style what you already own.  Edit, donate what you no longer wear, give the special pieces to girlfriends and you’ll feel so much better about a paired down wardrobe!

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