10 Things | Feb 22

This week was a busy one, coming in hot after a slow holiday weekend and traveling meant I had a whole bunch of admin stuff to catch up on.  You know how things go.  Also a lot cooking in the works for next week that I’m excited about–back to back shoots and styling days that I’ve been prepping for.  So much happens behind the scenes that I don’t always share here, but when I tend to go quiet that is usually the case.  Long story short, so very happy to see you Friday!!!  Photos snapped from some of the sweet and slower moments from my world this week.  Like when Rex said out of the blue, “mama I want to look like you.”  Couldn’t handle it.


1. I was super excited to learn about Jenni Kayne’s first book.  You know I’m such a fan of the brand and lifestyle site and just about everything Jenni touches so I’ve already pre-ordered my copy (due out mid-March).

2. As I plan baby girl’s nursery, I was digging deep in the archives over on Mother Magazine and found this article on: “How to be a Minimalist with Kids.”  I found it to be just the read I needed to remind myself you really don’t need much for that newborn stage and to keep things simple.  With Rex I had a similar mentality of not wanting all of the baby contraptions and gadgets and then somewhere along the way you end up accumulating things…

3. My dear college girlfriend Meghan shared a very honest and raw story about being single in your 30’s that totally brought me to tears.  I had just had dinner with her in New York this past week and we were talking about it and I’m just so happy she hit publish because it has touched so many this week.

4.  Another great one to read if you’re touched by Meghan’s story and haven’t already is: Garance Dore’s response to her breakup at 43.

5. It was interesting timing for me this week when I heard of Karl Lagerfeld’s (Chanel and Fendi’s Creative Director) passing as I had just finally watched the Netflix series “7 Days Out: Chanel.”  I highly recommend!  So many people have recommended reading The Beautiful Fall–so I threw that one in my Amazon cart as well this week.

6. Seriously crushing on this spring bamboo tote.

7.  Did you catch Moncler’s puffer gowns?  I mean, I would never wear one but I thought this show was pretty awesome.

8. I bought “The First Forty Days” fairly soon after finding out I was pregnant again after so many of my girlfriends recommended it. For those who aren’t familiar,  it’s all about nourishing the mother during those first 40 days after the birth.  I’ve been thinking a lot more about what a possible maternity leave might look like for me since I didn’t take one with Rex, and love the idea of really focusing on myself this summer.  (And my new one!).  So I really enjoyed reading this interview with the book’s author over on Damsel in Dior this week.

9. I swear this pregnancy I’ve had such a chocolatey-sweet tooth!  Just discovered these raw dark cacao truffles at our Co-Op and now I’m hooked.  They feel guilt-free and yet are so delicious unlike some healthier chocolates / truffles I’ve tried.

10. Loved this colorfully eclectic tour of my girlfriend Christiana Bryant’s (Founder of St. Frank) Greenwich bachelorette pad!

Additional spring finds and cravings this week…

Waiting for T to get home from work.  (There were a lot of long work days for both T and I this week so poor Rex, love seeing his happy face in the window when we arrive home).

“Mama I want to look like you… “

Sunshine streaming through our kitchen after the storm.

An entire day spent in our pajamas.  Actually the very best.

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