10 Things | More of This (January 2019.)

We rang in New Years Eve with a sparkling apple cider toast with Rex on the couch in our pjs–I had a snotty nose and a cough that just won’t quit, and T tweaked his back (we were a hilarious parenting duo this holiday break which killed our original plans to ring in 2019 in SF).  Before tucking Rex into bed for the night he asked for a family snuggle and with his arms around us he said with the biggest smile on his face: “Rexy Roo is so lucky.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.”  T and I just looked at each other and my heart burst, I couldn’t have put it more perfectly.  It was the perfect word to describe how I feel and to kick off the new year.

I’m still snotty over here and thus getting an even slower start to the new year but let’s be honest, it’s how I prefer to roll every January so I’m not mad about it.  I finally pulled out my laptop after retiring her for the past two weeks in favor of a neglected stack of books (btw, happy to report I got through said stack!)… and took some time to jot down #10 Things a la January.


Despite coming down with a nasty cold after Christmas, the holidays were really good to us.  The break proved to be just the lazy days we all needed and I know I’d been craving.  I love any excuse for a fresh start but honestly I’m entering this year feeling so grateful, happy, and thus rather resolution-less.  When I reflect back on 2018 there were highs and lows as with every year… lessons learned to take on less, to take better care of myself, to be a more present mom, to juggle this so called thing called work-life-motherhood-balance, to make more time for my close friends and family and the list goes on.  But really, when I think back on all of the sweet memories of 2018, I just keep thinking gosh it flew by way too fast.  How can I slow down this next year?  So instead of putting together a list of things to work on, I put together a list of the things that are currently making me the happiest because I want to keep soaking up more of that!  So if you’re stumped on entering the new year with a list of goals as well, try making a similar list of all the things that bring you the most joy.


Starting with January… more of this please:

hot tea or homemade soup on a cold winters day.  family time around the fire.  movies on the couch snuggled under a blanket with T after Rex has gone to bed.  reading.  exploring new cities.  discovering a beautifully curated shop.  listening to people’s stories.  catching up with an old friend.  day trips to San Francisco.  laughing (and specifically Tanner’s genuine laugh).  happy messes around the house that make me smile because Rex was obviously there.  cozy oversized knits.  setting the mood with candles.  wine dates (and wine country!).  cooking with my Nana.  when Rex first wakes up from a nap and wants to cuddle.


And into 2019… more of this:

1.  More Books.  It’s kinda amazing when you put down your phone, run out of shows to binge, and the movie selection doesn’t look appealing — you can actually tackle that stack of books on your bedside table.  I probably say this every year, but I really want to keep up this reading kick.

2.  More Self-Care.  Maybe this will be the year I truly embrace dry brushing?  With the harsh winter temps, scrubs and oils have been my best friends.  I love that this Tata Harper face wash is gentle enough for an everyday scrub and this body lotion while pricey, smells a-mazing and is so worth the splurge.  Saying no to more and listening to my body.

3.  More Play.  Something I think I did well in 2018 was really work on being in the present when I was with Rex.  More happy messes around the house and adventures with my favorite little guy in 2019!

4.  More Girlfriend Time.  I wasn’t as great about coordinating girlfriend time this past year.  It seems to get harder and harder each year as we get older, have babies, and my closest girlfriends are farther away.  But hoping to plan more spontaneous trips to the city to see them.

5.  More Wine Country Dates.  We live so close and yet I don’t take as much advantage of wine country as I should.

6.  More Imperfect Entertaining–Wabi-Sabi style.

7.  More Exploring.  Nothing truly makes me happier or feel like the truest version of myself than when I’m exploring.  Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, visiting a new city (or favorite city), etc… it fills me with the most inspiration.  We are heading to Paris this next week and while I’ve been a handful of times before, it’s a city that never gets old to me and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year.  (I just watched the movie Before Sunset and got really, really excited to just walk the streets of Paris with T.)

8.  More Decluttering.   I mentioned my “December Detox” here and hoping to keep up with this organization and mentality.

9.  More Cooking.  I have really fallen in love with cooking over these past couple of years.  And especially am inspired to try more seasonal recipes.

10.  More Listening.  Taking more time to ask questions, hear the stories, and learn from others.

What’s on your list?


10 Things | More of This (January 2019.) 10 Things | More of This (January 2019.) 10 Things | More of This (January 2019.)10 Things | More of This (January 2019.)

10 Things | More of This (January 2019.)

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