#10 Things March 14

A day late, but I find myself missing these posts personally if I don’t get to put them together. I started collecting a few links earlier in the week and am now spending Willow’s morning nap pushing it live for you. In light of an otherwise wild news week–some lighter reads and fashion escapes for you. Hope you’re staying healthy and get to enjoy a slow weekend at home with family. Rain is in our forecast which means a cozy family day around the fire is in store for us. xx Alicia


Listening to: Saturday Sun – Vance Joy & So Cool – Caamp

Weekend Forecast: Rain with a side of excitement to cozy up with the fam by the fire (movie nights and wine for sure)

Wearing: Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Sweater

Meal-to-Make: Baked salmon, couscous, roasted veggies

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Scribe Pét-Nat

Scribe (one of our wine club memberships), my absolute must visit winery in Sonoma for a chill low-key vibe–just released a Pét-Nat (sparkling wine), and I just stocked up. I’m seriously considering another order as I’m not sure if I ordered enough for this spring / summer season. The bottle is so pretty that they’d make the perfect hostess gift–and feel a bit more special / unique than your typical champagne.

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Tinted SPF Hunt

You guys know I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect tinted spf for a while now. Well Ilia just launched a tinted mineral spf, and I’ve also been testing / using Supergoop’s new glowscreen. The glowscreen is everything I’ve been looking for in an everyday spf (100% recommend to wear when just out with the kids / working out)… but I’m still looking for something with a bit more coverage for everyday. I have a few others to try and will report back!

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Feature: Rony Vardi of Catbird

I really love Apiece Apart’s journal and the women they feature in general but found myself relating to so many aspects of Rony Vardi’s story (owner of jewelry brand, Catbird). Her home is eclectic and colorful and full of life! I especially love her words on how the daily jewelry you wear tells your story–symbolizes milestones and signs of life, as it’s always been my thoughts on the jewelry that I add to my collection. Also her mantra made me laugh and truly love her (“will there be snacks?”).

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Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

It felt like an appropriate week to start this new read: Ruthless Elimination of Hurry… and is kinda crazy to think that really, universally, when else in our life have we collectively been put on pause and forced to slow down together (ie: lots of people now working from home, canceled travel plans and kids out of school). Just makes you think about your quality of life… why do we busy ourselves and hurry around so much? Case in point–I found time to actually almost get through a book this week (something I haven’t done in a while).
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Kitchen Rug / Runner Debate

I swapped out the rug under our dining table this week in hopes of saving it from Willow as she’s in the throwing food stage. And I also asked you guys on IG stories for thoughts on a rug at the sink. I’ve debated one for a couple years now thinking it would just get destroyed but here’s the feedback you said: go vintage and patterned (hides more)… go affordable (it will get ruined over time)… go washable, and a bunch of you suggested Ruggable (new to me). Hope this helps if anyone else is wondering. I personally love the look of a vintage rug (which is what we had under our dining table)… so I think I will end up going that route.

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Ozma Fête Collection

I’m so in love with Ozma’s Fête collection–like this slip dress and tie dress–for upcoming events. You know my love for Ozma by now, and I have my heart set on a few key pieces for spring. I think this would be the perfect wedding / event dress but a piece that’s versatile and you’ll have and wear forever. (You can continue to use code: ALICIA15 for 15% off)

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Agolde Tatum Jumpsuit

I have this jumpsuit in black and love it. It’s such a cool statement jumpsuit and style with the wider sleeves–now available in cream. LOVE for spring. I would pair with heels for a more casual work office environment or lunch meeting.

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Garden Party

This photo had me yearning for sunny weather and the chance to gather my girlfriends around a pretty floral covered table for a spring garden party. Remember, I’m all stocked up on Scribe Pét-Nat…

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Finn Juhl’s Home

Saved in my IG folder this week: Danish Modernist, Finn Juhl’s home. It started a spiral effect of inspiration.

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Immunity-Boosting & Wellness Tips

The positive of the coronavirus scare is that it’s making us all more aware of personal hygiene–(I realized I touch my face ALL THE TIME). I 100% agree with these simple ways to stay healthy. Including the fact that panic, stress and worry are never good for our health. Hoping we can channel our worry into positive energy and help our community or others who may need support right now.

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